You do not know how to occupy yourself for the next couple hours of waiting? Offer to play in the exciting online shooter game is present in the public domain to RU-HETE. Let’s start the review Flash game Heroes shock troops. It based on the idea of ​​commando: a group of soldiers opposed to the same squad to win the one who is best in action. Your role – the basic unit of the order on which depends the outcome of the round.


Initially running through the settings. There are not many:

  1. graphic change – require, if the game slows down, switch the setting to «LOW»;
  2. Change sound – to turn off the music and general effects.

Other settings the game does not offer, in general, they are not required. All tied to the flash player. A lot of resources from your computer does not require a shooter.

The general idea shooter

Developer offers gamers to become a fighter assault detachment, commando will face a similar team. The choice is given a few characters: medic, sniper, ordinary soldiers and powerful tanks. If one or the other fighter did not like, it can be switched directly in the game in the moment when you will be killed. After the death is given 3 seconds to spawn at the bottom of the screen, you can switch the character.

Selecting a player should decide on the subject, it will be the passage of a turn-based company or “sandbox”. The company you go from level to level, which obviously defines the goals of battle, in the sandbox, you can make your choice of a way of winning ( shoot each soldier or play in the team), to determine the location and view of the confrontation.

As for the maps of the battle, the game there are several: from the jungle and standard warehouses, to aerial scenes where you can see the construction of several airplanes and spaceships, characters move on the roofs and flat surfaces, and there is a chance to miss, jump short from the aircraft to the aircraft this error will result in death.

What is required for victory, pumping process

In the game there are several types of battles, you are either for itself or for the commandos. In the first case, the goal is to survive on their own, any character on the battlefield your opponent in the second, you must fill glasses team, let’s aim for victory 15 “kill” which team first reaches a predetermined number, and she won.

In the sandbox, you can select the target for victory: total number of murders, retention locations by time or capture the flag.

In every battle character pumped, it happens through personal kills an opponent, just throw on top of a certain amount of dollars, for which you can continue to buy more powerful weapons available. With the level of pumping to add special abilities and improve performance fighter: armor, critical damage, the amount of HP.


This game captures the gamer for a long time. Progress made in the company with the release of the game not to lose, you can reboot a few times and start from the place where you left off. Many people like the idea of ​​team “mochilova”, the developers have taken care of gamers advance past the first part, the others transgress, their blessing for four pieces. In this review of flash game Heroes of shock troops completed. Good luck!