For those who are not familiar with the genre, here are brief MOBA-games. In general, every match is as follows: two teams of players fight in a symmetrical map.

Each manages its hero has a set of combat skills, with the help of which you want to hack your way to victory. On the “lines” (the path connecting the opposite corners of the map) are placed towers or turrets, causing damage to the opposing team.

They can be destroyed only with the support of the creeps – and AI controlled allies to act as cannon fodder.

The winner is the team that gets to the enemy before the enemy base and destroy the main building (the throne, nexus – in every game its name).

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The main difficulty in creating mobile MOBA is that we need to simplify the gameplay, while retaining its fascination. Vainglory includes all the basic elements of the big fellow, but it changes the usual mechanics for their own style.

For example, an important role is played by the creeps who are called minions – they do not need to mindlessly “avtoatachit” and wait for the time to apply the final blow, otherwise do not get gold. But the “line” is only one, and therefore easier to control the card.

Crowds six of us in one place is also not necessary – rather big part of the card is reserved for the forest, which is also characterized by a huge MOBA. “Foresters” can kill more monsters in splendid isolation and return to the line only to help the Allies win the fight or break an enemy turret.

Forest area is of strategic importance for the whole team. In it appear neutral minions-miners, mine gold. It should seize them, inflicting damage as allied minions will become stronger, and teammates will receive additional gold for as long as the miner will be captured by the enemy hero.

In addition, in the middle of the map there is a large producer of gold, which has not come to defeat alone. This is where the fun begins: the players go to the line and, therefore, from the turret of the Union, to fight for a strategically important resource.

On the 12th minute in place getter appears Kraken: very strong monster, which can kill only three. If you would still be able to do it, the monster becomes an ally and will break down the structure of the opposing team. Though the Kraken and can be killed,

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Thanks to the excellent balance, lead his team to victory can be any character. Though they are divided into “soldiers”, “foresters” and “support”, however it is universal, and, what is more important – for them is fun to play. The main thing to earn as much gold and not forget the purchased items, thereby improving its performance.

The visual part of the game deserves a special praise. For the first time Vainglory shown, if you remember, during Apple’s recent presentation, as Metal engine demonstrations. Super Evil Megacorp achieved really impressive pictures: an abundance of nice looking special effects, highly detailed environments and characters interesting models. On the iPad Air game is perfectly smooth, no freezes, even during the fiercest battles.

With regard to governance, there is also nothing to complain about. Heroes lightning respond to pressing on the screen, and the mini-map shows the most important information.

Realized even system “pings”: it is possible to show the Allies on the mini-map, where help is needed, where the enemy is hiding, or to inform you that you are on the go. Active skills are only three of their icons are large enough so as not to miss, and it does not obstruct the gaming space.

View the total score, read a description of the skill or open a shop, you can use the relevant buttons in the right corner of the screen. In general, management is extremely intuitive, and newcomers will explain everything in a few minutes in an accessible learning.

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Vainglory distributed model free-to-play, and the real money will be useful except for the purchase of new characters. It is possible and does not pay: every week a few of them are available to play for free. In addition, new characters can be purchased for in-game currency received for matches won back. At the time, in fact, themselves fighting all the players are, and you will gain the victory, or be defeated – depends only on your skills, rather than on the thickness of the purse.