Mario & Sonic

Race on the couch

This Olympics begins with a spectacular opening ceremony, where members of the delegation are carrying flags. Even such a screen in a virtual version of the not – we just suggest to choose for which country will win medals.

And the main character – not one of the characters of the universe Super Mario and the Sonic the Hedgehog is , and your avatar – Mii.

He was immediately bombarded with the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, which here takes the role of a “hub.” Initially only account to participate in the practice matches in any of the seventeen kinds of sports, but gradually become available to all other modes.

They are, unfortunately, not so much. If the version for Nintendo 3DS had a normal story for both teams, there is a player simply offer to compete with other Mii on three levels of difficulty in each discipline. Avatars are taken from real people, but to fight with a live person will only if it is sitting on a couch with you.

In Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 , you can use the Wii Remote, motion control is not at all common for the competition, which is very convenient. But the absence of full-fledged online depressing.

And where is the fastest hedgehog mushrooms and loving a plumber? Mascots Nintendo and SEGAWith a partner, all available in two modes – a singles match and the so-called Heroes Showdown, in which sports are randomly selected, the losers drop out rivals from the competition and we need to win the captain. Holiday entertaining, especially because of the additional rules, but on the ground does not pull.


Sports disciplines not too much. Unique – fourteen. Three of them – football, rugby and beach volleyball – besides the usual modes offer duel.

There can be, for example, to charge the defender of the opposing team energy ball. For each successful attack accrued points that plus a score of goals scored and conducted touchdown. Thus, it is possible for a single attack score hundred points and decide the outcome of the match.

Of the three major competitions frustrating but football – there somehow left only four field players instead of the previous six. From this sport has lost its tactical flexibility and diversity and can quickly get bored even in the form of a duel.

Mario & amp;  Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games game review

Thus began ZombiU …

The rest of the Olympic program offers simple, fast and gambling mini-games. Races, heats and races are managed, fortunately, is easy and simple, they will be able to master and child and the grandmother. And certainly there is someone among dozens of where want to spend a little more time.

Someone like gymnastics, taken with a rhythm game. And someone will sharpen the skills of running a hundred meters, competing in the online table of the Japanese masters of quick clicks of a button.

Unfortunately, disappeared tied to the universe of Mario and Sonic arena and events. All the stadiums have real prototypes, but about the Mushroom Kingdom and Emerald Isle except that resemble objects in dueling sports. Well, and rings with coins – the local currency that can be spent on social network Printer Miiverse and costumes for the avatar.

Clothing affect the performance of strength, speed and technique – combining hat and suit, you can customize your character for a specific match. And just laugh, pulled a huge horse’s head.

On Copacabana always roam other avatars, they can get advice and learn interesting facts about the participating country. In general, the interface in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 is plain and colorful. Its simplicity and clarity for the lack of Russian language. Madden except boot and long explanations of the rules before the competition brief.

The team of our youth

“pump” the avatar may be someone interesting, but the main characters – yet those whose names the game and named. Together with Mario and Sonic the two teams are only twenty characters. Each athlete has unique characteristics depending on the sport, but in general, competitors are divided into fast, skilful and powerful, although there are well-balanced.

Choosing a good Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Wario and Donkey Kong, Knuckles, Emi Rouz, Doctor Eggman and Metal Sonic – all the major existing franchises face. And gradually out into the arena and more visitors, but they must first win in the tournament mode, then these special characters will be available, but only in one sport only for the exhibition match.