Mages of Mystralia

Otherwise, everything is familiar. Zia is running on different locations, fight, solve puzzles, overcome traps with their spells, quests periodically wins big “bosses.” And often the last to fill up a variety of ways – to beat the magic, or, for example, to stand in the water, and then abruptly run back to the monster fell into it.

During Zia finds chests runes and potions that increase mana or health (to them still need to get, deciding some riddle), collect special crystals, for which you can buy a new staff, a potion, or activate a portal that allows travel between locations. And looking for specific areas to again permanently to “pump” the two main characteristics – they are used in special fountains based hermit mages.

There you can at any time to go to the arena and try to hold out longer against the waves of various enemies, received special awards like a new robe. Finally, Zia sometimes asked to help the local people. Finding the farmer lost forks, tradeswoman returning stolen goods, having saved a fisherman from the pesky goblins, she will receive the same reward crystals or a new magic stick.

The story and music and really good – as colorful and very stylish picture, worthy of a full-length animated film. This is a story about a young girl Zee, which has managed to gain magical talents in the realm of the Mistral, where magic is banned, and the villagers, seeing a man with a flaming staff in fear scatter in all directions.

Therefore, in the towns and villages of the staff and the spell book she hides under the cloak, but the outside is drawn in full, nashpigovyvaya “fireball” of enemies and not only …

And all this is not for fun, but only in the interests of the local population: Zia and her colleagues are forced to hide in the forests of the Mistral, where they have their base, trying to prevent a great evil, that these lands promises strange eclipse.

And for this we have to look for the important artifacts, repair telescopes, solve puzzles and visit the ancient tombs. And all the dirty work of actually forced to do exactly Zia – other local magicians know and fear, but the glory of our heroine is not so common.

At the same time, all with Zia communicates the spirit of the book of spells, which obviously does not like her teachers and generally seems to be hiding something. In general, with the intrigues of the plot is all right.

experimental magic

Game mechanics in the Mages of Mystralia even better – you can describe it as a mixture of The Legend of Zelda , games in the style of “metroidvaniya” and Magicka .

First of all, it is a unique magical designer. At Zia have basic spells, but during your adventures she kept finding runes that can help you in every possible way to modify them, add new effects and even create different versions of the “spell”, between which you need to switch, depending on the current tasks: eg in one situation, it will be a magical shield, and the other – the acceleration.

Where are these games without platform?

Designer really interesting and stimulating creativity. To cite one example. Initially, your “fireball” allows only place on earth fire balls, and then you add to it the rune of movement, and they begin to fly at the enemy, then hang him rune attachments to objects, and can be obtained homing missiles.

And, you can attach the rune turn right (yes, that’s right), and the shell is wrapped, you will be surprised, right. This is useful when, for example, you need to solve puzzles to burn a bowl on a pedestal, which is located behind the fenced wall of water – well, or have to use another spell, conjure ice and run on it to the bowl. In general, the scope for magical experiments large.