Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

This game is made openly on the patterns Commandos – and she’s not shy about it. Is that the action moved to the feudal Japan of the Edo period, when in 1615, the year barely united under the rule of the new emperor of the rising sun country was on the brink of a new discord – there was a mysterious daimyo, feudal, eager to overthrow the shogun.

Our unit specially trained fighters, owner of the unique talents and skills, just stands on the side of the emperor and tries in every way to prevent the mysterious dissenter and his accomplices.

Another difference lies in the fact that the plot, divided into separate missions, yet is a complete story – with strings, development and denouement. The script, of course, does not claim the laurels of the history years, but to monitor developments quite interesting.

Moreover, judging by the announcement, in our group had raged almost Shakespearean passions.

Here we read: “The detachment constitute very different people. Initially, cooperation seems impossible. However, as the assignments warriors learn to trust each other, friendships between them. All characters have their own motives, and everyone will have to come face to face with his own demons. ”

In fact, everything, of course, much easier: you do not have, like in any RPG from BioWare, Reconcile or subordinates to fulfill their personal quests, licking wounds.

And even in the composition of the mission is determined not you, and writers. Nevertheless, some kind of relationship between the two fighters do develop – through mezhmissionnyh clips and dialogues.

And while performing tasks they are not averse to talk or crack a joke or two. As the saying goes, and thanks to that, the story it goes only on advantage.

The game looks gorgeous.


Five bold. And different

The rest of the Shadow Tactics: Blades of the the Shogun – it’s the same Commandos , with only a couple of his own ideas, and adjusted for the Asian color and the realities of medieval feudal Japan. Each mission is such utter tactical puzzle to be solved, wisely using the abilities of characters and combining them with each other.

Profiles and specialization fighters guessed easily. There’s a slick and fast ninja knows how to throw a shuriken and run across rooftops, bigger and strong samurai capable disperse skill of “Storm of Swords” several opponents and lure enemies bottles of sake, a pretty girl, who is able to change, ohmuryat and zabaltyvat guards in the form of a Geisha .

There is also a gray-haired old man with a crutch and a musket (actually a complete analogue of the sniper Commandos ) and the girl to lure enemies into deadly traps. All at the same time are able to hide in the grass, almost all (except for an old man with a crutch) carry and hide the body, and some also a great swim.

As a rule, we usually are available only a few men (very rarely – all five of them at once). But even two or three characters there is a place to roam and show imagination.

Classical tasks – to steal the documents of the officer to kill an important and well-protected by a lump, to intercept a shipment of arms to save a friend and so on. But thanks to the maps every mission turns into a very complicated, but fascinating and non-linear adventure, or rather test.

Levels in the Shadow Tactics , as in Commandos, Ingeniously designed – they are large, beautiful, diverse, full of details and non-obvious features. You are free to go, they say, in a straight line, neatly vymanivaya and eliminating every enemy.

But it is better to be more creative and beautiful – to tease the bull so that he struck the hoofs of several guards standing behind him; throw a stone, a beam or box on a group of patrol; hiding in a cart and on it to enter the protected area … Also fun whitefish at the guards from the roof and run on the ropes and the ropes.

The same big shot are allowed to kill a number of ways – to poison, for example, tea or remove aimed shot from a musket. However, the latter still have to entice the victim to the line of fire, forcing his beloved dog barking. In general, a sort of Hitman But with the participation of several heroes and in perspective.