Life is lived not in vain: the seven obligatory deeds gamer

#1. successfully docked

The biggest problem for many space explorers in Elite: Dangerous was the moment of docking with the dock station. On the days of morals. Dock with a dock that is visually really like a dock, already considered a problem for the current generation, forgive senile grumbling. In the classic Elite was decent graphics and, as a result, a clear understanding of what that thing looming in front of our nose.

Oh no, in the first swallow kosmosimov genre with elements of betting, players for the first time faced with the need for manual landing craft to the station, which is a set of lines in the blackness of space.

Oh, how many curses in the hearts cries out against David Brabham and Yana Bella for the murder of gaming nerves. Dozens, hundreds of accidents experienced each player Elite before he could without problems dock with bloody dock. This is not to throw the seeds in the ground and wait for them to grow into a tree.

# 2. romantic stay

Everyone modern gamer knows how hard it is to please a girl, to hold a meeting and generally show themselves handsome, with whom the lady immediately wants to raid Morpheus.

Sounds scary? Pardon me, but that is easier to race at the Onyx. Whether it drag girlfriend in the arcade room and get to the cult of romantic cut-scene where Ms. Pac-Man meets the legendary koloboks.

Unequivocal heart will tell the lady who is in charge and romantic master svidanok, brought up on Mass Effect and Garrus-calibrator. Such retropodhod surely win the heart of even the most experienced geymershi, so please contact Ms. Pac-Man – it will help.

# 3. become a movie star

Fallout 2 is deservedly considered one of the greatest role-playing games more and because it provides a unique opportunity for wagering. Marry his daughter rednecks, condemning sex? Fie, too easy. Shoot all the children in the city? Vzhuh of Gauss – and there is no fine.

But the star in the movie interesting content studio “Paradise sphere” in New Reno – yes, that sounds provocatively. The best time to Favorites. Of course, if you selected the corresponding requirements of the heap.

Be, for example, the star of “Good Wil Petting” can be a high agility and endurance, because nobody wants zadohlik just a great charisma. Silly, however, in “Paradise spheres of” love, because then removed hero “Popkahontas” will thank you for. Well, well, at least to make a name. Ready to labor feats, stallions?

#4. Meet the rock rider and stay calm

Seyda Neen, and NETZSCH telvanniyskie mushrooms – ah, how many memories gave us of Morrowind . I remember one day get drunk and went skuumy considered Dagoth Ur teeth without the “Splitter”.

Nice has squabble, though it does not go to any comparison with the true nightmare of Red Mountain. He – the horror, flying on the wings of the night … and day too.

No, he is not Batman. He – rock rider, the most annoying thing of existing games. Raise a son difficult? Do not tell my boots blinding speed.

Really serious test – is running into a rock rider and run away from it, not broken-down keypad. According to legend oldfagov, it was common among the fans an amazing ritual.

You could not be Nerevarine not gone to Ald’ruhn not collect on the way out tens rocky riders on the tail and not reaching to calm Molag Mara. Yes, that’s what a feat worthy of the gamer. You dare?

#5. show dedication

Society says that a man should raise a son. Oh, come on, so everyone can!

He presented the PlayStation, praised with the first girl, pushed an impassioned speech about the importance of the beard – nothing complicated in this no. It can crawl through a dark tunnel on broken glass? Transported on an opposite in the rain and not for the sake of beauty on a nearby chair? Shoot an innocent?

Finally, cut off his finger, and even tear it with pliers ?! What you are going to save the kidnapped son? Dream quantic , of course, notably with nakosyachila plot Heavy Rain , but the main studio has achieved. She made us feel the feelings frightened father and to make hard choices.

# 6. pollinate the flower

Such a good flower, lush breast and extremely vulgar appearance. Author, you’re drunk, go home? No, this is the world of Conker’s Bad Fur’s Day – probably one of the most fun and psychedelic games in gaming history. Please lone flower for forward – only one of the goals of carbon monoxide tightly chipped Konkera proteins. He acquired a cult not because sisyastaya plants.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is packed full of parodies of everything, absolutely everything. “A Clockwork Orange”, “Terminator”, “Reservoir Dogs” and dozens of other classic films are harmoniously alternated with special jokes from the studio Rareware . Great to hear an aria Mighty Kakahi – an important achievement for every gamer.

# 7. Play with time

Will be able to build a house, many, how about breaking the fourth wall? Hideo Kojima you can praise or hate for mozgolomnye scenarios and crocodiles in Siberia, but also in the ability to breed gamers to unusual solutions he has no equal. Veterans remember a time when the survival of a battle with Psycho Mantis from the original Metal Gear Solid was impossible without switching to a different slot gamepad.

However, not every gamer knows that the defeat of the old sniper The End in Snake Eater could … changing the time on the PlayStation itself. Logically the same! Boss is so ancient that from it pours the sand. So why Snake did not wait until Dzyadok, so to speak, vysypetsya completely?

The MGS series such non-standard enough, so let’s go to adventure in which instead of arrows in their knees waiting for the box!