Star Fox Zero

Whiff of “old school”

Another reason that fresh Zero would be suitable for a holiday, is it a kind of “tribute”, the memory of past flights of fluffy galaxy defenders. More precisely, about Star Fox 64 , 1997. And here and there in orbit fox Fox McCloud and the team of “Star foxes” fight with the empire Andross. And here and there in a team-mate of the hero – an experienced rabbit, crazy frog (the same one that proposes to make a barrel) and professional as – the falcon. Feed again resembles a stupid puppet cartoon Thunderbirds from the ’60s. Patriotic briefings performed in a familiar style.

Tasks as two decades ago, match the simple militaristic plot. Moving from the home planet Corner to the enemy citadel, Venomu, we are managing a kosmolotov must destroy the enemy, to protect its strategic assets, to cover soldiers and so on. Your actions on the battlefield may again affect the way in which the squadron will reach the finals – so in one battle you need to knock out the enemy leader before he will bring down the rabbit fighter, and in the case of the rescue mission can be avoided success has fallen to planet companion.

Finally, as on the Nintendo 64, we manage the different techniques. Arwing fighter returned fast and powerful tank Landmaster. Walker added maneuverable and slow soaring Gyrowing, equipped with amphibious robot cracker. In some places, switch between different versions of kosmolota have to go straight on the task.

Fans who have not seen Star Fox for ten years, should be happy to exit such a nostalgic gift. But the main advantage of the game of 1997 are the things which are nothing new: non-linear routes passing saturated Audio dubbing and vigorous fighting. Everything is in place, but today’s players need a lot more. In addition, Zero turned out not particularly friendly, and beautiful.

Star Fox Zero game review

Famous barrel making has become more difficult, and the effect of it is not so long.

New tricks for an old fox

Management more in Star Fox 64 could be annoying. But there is a battle taking place in the scenery of a completely linear, or small areas. Here, giving players little animals and the relative freedom of movement, at least a Platinum Games is forgotten tailor your vehicle and the camera. Therefore, be prepared to spend most of the time not in battle, but in trying to reach the goal. This applies to absolutely any of the vehicles, but especially you want to split the controller against the wall, fighting in arenas and levels in a tank destroyer. And the mission, during which the need to destroy several warheads seem torture.

Zerodiligently uses both screen consoles. The display always shows the Pocket Controller view from the cockpit, that is the same as that seen on the TV. This review seems to be necessary to aim and control the robot-cracker, but to switch between the two sources of information is very difficult in dynamic battles. Especially that aim should be turning gamepad – disable gyroscopic control impossible. Constant confusion worth of vital energy and nerves.

Most likely, the need to translate the same picture twice became cause problems with the graphics and frame rate. It looks new part of the Star Fox is not that bad at all, but simply and empty. If not for the high resolution could be submitted to Zeroon the Wii or GameCube. In military equipment in the series has always been a minimalist design – in the era of cartridges it was dictated by the limitations of the “iron”. Now starships and scenery are not impressive. The more so because the performance drops significantly in a particularly rich scenes.

Star Fox Zero game review

Support amiibo figures will provide a classic Arwing in Star Fox of 1993.

“Are not you a bit short for a stormtrooper?”

Lasts all the adventure of three to five hours. And those are recruited because of inadequate complexity generated by problems with aiming. C one hand, annoying games with a control that requires getting used to the rule “the sooner, the better” … On the other – we like to offer a full release, even if the show is different and transience. Maybe there is some potential for alternative pereprohozhdeniya or fun?