CS: GO fan recreates AK-47 Redline in reality

Sam41Gaming user with reddit recreated the AK-47 Redline image from CS: GO. He published a video in which he demonstrated a weapon with an animation of a terrorist from the game. In the comments, the author noted that he took the airsoft version of the rifle as the basis.

Sam41Gaming thought out the details well – he even attached four iBUYPOWER holographic stickers on the AK-47, which could be obtained in the game during the Katowice 2014 tournament. Now they are not on the Steam Marketplace, and buyers are ready to pay more than $ 2,000 for one copy.

In the comments on reddit on the record with AK-47 Redline, there were people who wanted to buy weapons. Sam41Gaming also wrote that it specializes in manufacturing Redline, Asiimov, Fire Serpent and Cyrex. For weapons with Neon Revolution or Worm God coloring, the author asks about $ 500.