Joker in the movie “Joker” turned out to be fake

The film “Joker” showed the audience how the main character Arthur Fleck from an ordinary clown turned into a crazy killer, but it turned out that he did not become a real Joker.

The successful movie “Joker” tells the story of the origin of the cult villain from the comics DC and Batman’s sworn enemy. According to, the creators of the drama suggested that the main character Arthur Fleck might not be a real Joker. This version was shared by the director of the picture Todd Phillips (Todd Phillips). He believes that the plot of the film can be viewed in different ways. For example, that the main character is not a Joker at all. He just sits in a room in a psychiatric hospital and tells his version of the story. “I don’t know if he is the most reliable storyteller in the world, understand?”, Said the director.

So Todd Phillips hinted that in the movie “Joker” he could use the literary device of an unreliable narrator, reports. This means that Arthur Fleck’s story may be incomplete or unreliable. Maybe in this story of the origin of the Joker, everything was completely wrong, or maybe it happened not with him. Such a look at the film may reveal more options for the development of the plot in the movie “Joker 2”. Information has appeared on the network several times that the sequel will still appear on large screens, but Todd Phillips has every time refuted all the rumors.

The film was released by The Joker in October 2019 and became one of the most successful film comics in history. The main role was played by Joaquin Phoenix. The film was originally shot as a separate film and no sequels or participation in the cinema were planned. However, director Todd Phillips does not deny the possibility of a second part.