Game Pillars of Eternity, all waited for about the same as, for example, music fans are usually waiting for the return of their favorite band – that is, seems to be anticipating as they are now old men will tear young and show what real music, but at the same time arouse suspicion: and in what form they are now, whether hold tight guitar? ..

In the case of the game from Obsidian Entertainment This problem is exacerbated by the fact that this company, bringing together veterans of the genre of role, reputation is still not perfect – we all remember how often their projects turned out not to be brought to mind.

Yes, and an early version of Pillars of Eternity raises certain questions. But here’s the concert took place, all doubts were dispelled, and you can exhale: we have received the faulty, but extremely exciting and individual game genre RPG.

A bit of keepers

Most importantly, Obsidian Entertainment all got to the scene, texts, dialogues, moral choice and study of the world itself. This is not the Planescape: Torment – slozhnosochinennogo philosophy and thought there was more – but somewhere nearby. We’re playing for a person who suddenly discovered the ability to see ghosts, to communicate with them, and even re-live some of the last pieces of his or someone else’s soul.

In the world of Pillars of Eternity call these Guardians. They are respected, are afraid, they ask for help, as mediums, but hardly envy them – re-live the pain and suffering that have been in previous incarnations of yours or someone else’s soul, you will agree, that even joy. That is our keeper, puzzled by his visions and new abilities, the whole game trying to figure out what to do and who to blame.

In the process he has to communicate with the dead, to kill others – crazed – Keepers, to win the fortress, visit the abandoned temples and meet new friends, ready to join this epic adventure. And we have to read the kilometers of well-written text.

freedom of choice

However, the story does not hold your hand. Freedom of research of a large and interesting world full of dangers – that’s one of the main arguments Pillars of Eternity . Even a walk through the meadow that serves to bridge the transition to a global map from one location to another large, can turn into new troubles and adventures. And when you come into the Bay of rebelliousness, a huge city is divided into several large areas, eyes and do diverge on the number of side quests.

However, only few of them require a simple sequence of actions – came, I saw, I conquered. More often than not, even performing seemingly ordinary order from the category of “bring back the stolen cargo”, you will have to perform more complex actions – search for incriminating evidence, solve mysteries, to make difficult moral decisions. How, for example, be with looters, to take away the goods trader? Sorry for the hungry desperate people or punish them, tempted by the promise of a merchant discount? And such situations occur all the time – the game is not clearly good or bad decisions.

Apart from the usual meet and text quests – the outcome depends on proper selection of the replicas, the ability to solve the puzzle, or the presence in the party of characters with specific skills.

All your actions and even replicas in the dialogues (where allowed to lie, to persuade, to threaten, to notice some details, speak words of encouragement or, conversely, hurt hurt) affect the reputation of the group. And she, in turn, may further affect how you communicate and how you react – for example, the hero, who became famous as a man resolute and menacing, in some situations, is able to avoid a fight.

Universal Soldier

As is known, in the Pillars of Eternity is not used the system Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but the employees of Obsidian Entertainment was able to make a game that most want to award the honorary title « the Baldur’s Gate 3 “. Similar to the brainchild of BioWare really a lot – a device the global map, freedom of investigation, in the dialogues, trade and inventory interface in the atmosphere itself. And even in the fact that here the same way you can stop for the night at a tavern, choosing a more or less comfortable room – it gives different bonuses to performance.

But most of the Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale , that is to say about severe AD & D-classic, reminiscent of role-playing and combat systems. At the start we just conjure a long time over the screen creating your character, choosing a race, sub-race, class, starting skills, voice, appearance, portrait, and even the culture of the biography. An aristocrat by birth, you, the dealer, a tramp, a colonist, or, for example, a former slave – it gives different bonuses to the characteristics and determines how you will initially appear in the eyes of others.