Juggernaut Wars

Juggernaut – a special armor of the gods and the symbol of the superiority of its owner. Rare miraculous artifact forged to help mankind to fight back monsters and otherworldly forces.

Juggernaut turns ordinary soldier in the invincible force. After securing the immense power of the human race, the holy knights called himself Arkona and enslaved entire cities. In a minority, they could not keep the strength and fell to the rebel army. New Section militaristic and freedom-loving supporters of tyranny. From now on and forever people are in endless enmity and fear.

Juggernaut Wars game review

Locations do not resemble one another; Some of them, like this giant with a tower special.

There’s no time to explain – run to the volcano! 

Story in a fresh mobile of MOBA a Juggernaut Wars has received little attention. Events on the island of Radwa developing rapidly immediately after the abduction of Queen Leah.

Protect the throne elders convene a detachment of soldiers. They will have to go to the volcano White Ohm through a magical forest, spider caves, swamps and desert canyon with a bloodthirsty giant … Everything is clear, the adventure will be delayed for a few nights. This is evidenced by the huge map of the fairy island.

In the very beginning, in the Forest City with high walls and red roofs of the castle, at our disposal only three warriors – the girl-inquisitor with an effective close combat, wrapped in the mantle of a priest with a long-range magic, and long-haired healer with the ability to restore the health unit.

The unique ability of each character consumes energy accumulate over time and can decide the outcome of the battle.

The first location does not require reflection on tactics and tested quite easily. Permutations in the front and in the rear unit, thoughtful distribution “perkov” and supplies required levels closer to late. But then you already will protect far more warriors.

Unfortunately, the whole army to release (the current version is available twenty-eight “slots”) can not be – only five places in the squad. It offers free strategy “pumping”: make “Tank” starting characters balance between highly specialized representatives or to focus on a certain type of fighters to attack. You should not just mindlessly wasting resource forgetting live opponents in PvP-battle in the arena.

It is unlikely that anyone would want to be likened to his militia “mobs” of the campaign story and leave the enemy without thinking surprises in tactics.

Juggernaut Wars game review

The most unusual couple in the game, cheering for any victory.

Liberty player at the forefront

In addition to all of the above unique way Juggernaut Wars create a vivid and memorable characters (you just look at this giant Iga with his friend, a dwarf), rich detail colorful card style all your favorite “nastolok” participate in PvP only on request , extremely low threshold of entry without having to learn dozens of pages of descriptions of items and instructions, short training and adapts to player gameplay. At the last dwell.

You do not zavedut arm in horrible dungeons with unbreakable rivals. But if you feel the ability to defeat the “boss” in the manual mode, then go ahead!

Want more strategic elements, the study of numbers and tactics? Then here’s the interface formation of heroes – there you will find plenty of opportunities for thoughtful warrior outfit, following the detailed specifications.

There’s also useful to study in advance branch of special skills development. For example, the dwarf on the shoulders of giants Iga able to frighten the enemy, to reduce it to the size of their own, or inspire others-giant in the heat of battle.

For the “burning” of time somewhere in the queues, traffic jams or dull lectures we are given by 2 – 3 hours, after which the heroes end provision – one of the most important unit of resources.