The monotony of species

, however, the fires (which you can not save and restore the vital energy) you’ll see in the Necropolis: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve regularly – this is an obvious ironic reference to the work of the From Software. Also regularly come across the same dark gray room with pedestals, statues, remains of some huge monsters, hidden away in the corners of the trunks and boxes.

The composition of the enemies on the first level, too, does not shine in diversity – skeletons, aggressive bearded old men, clad in armor knights with shields, flying and shooting pain sphere.

In the “bagel” genre (Kojima is the Necropolis) Such uniformity in the order of things – “random” shuffles only rooms and opponents. But in this case all of this first cause irritation. All the more so after the death of the passage will have to start all over again, and then again and again, you are waiting for all these statues, pedestals, “old” and the skeletons.

However, in the end it overestimated the complexity of motivation to try again and again and try in one sitting to complete all nine levels of this strange Necropolis – you want to use every opportunity to take up the challenge, win and show the enemy what’s what.

Easy to learn – hard battle! 

A opportunities in the NecropolisLittle. Full character generation and selection of no class – setting up a floor and a suit the color in which your hero (or heroine) will go to certain death.

The combat system allows you to use a normal kick, block, dodge and especially powerful attack that spends stocks endurance.

Restore them, as well as hit points, it is possible, using different potions and food. We’ll have to use bombs and spell scrolls that paralyzes the enemy, make you invisible or, for example, to temporarily increase the rate at which you will skedaddle from the regular crowd of skeletons.

We buy all kind of gems that fall from the carcasses of fallen foes, as well as broken pots. However, the traders come across very rarely – only at the beginning of each level, and (on holidays) somewhere in the middle. In addition, from the same bodies and pots spilling various ingredients with which the scrolls, potions and food you can cook yourself.

Necropolis: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve game review

In this strange Necropolis even have their swamps.

Finally, there is the “Code” – books that provide permanent passive bonus, improving your defense, damage, dodge, mastery of the shield or, for example, immediately opening all available recipes. With him are allowed to take only one such code and unlock you them for special tokens, which are issued for the successful passage level and the performance of tasks – to break so many pots, kill a certain number of monsters of a certain type, eat or prepare five servings of food and so on .


However, even with such a wealthy set of opportunities to play, again, draws and motivates the challenge that it throws you. Enemies easily kill literally with two strikes, and also actively block, dodge, use superataki. And after the death of another, when you have to start all over from the very first level of the last pass only open codes are stored.

Additional problems delivering that in Necropolisoften no clear descriptions of weapons, potions, scrolls, and the food that you are cooking.

Scrolls or not identification, allowing to determine what kind of an unknown liquid you find. All is learned by experience: it gives “Belching frost giant,” “Dragon bile” or, for example, “Potion growth check or punishment”; superudar what will be here at this “Unspeakable staff” of the second level; that to me would be, if you drink a bottle of “Lapis Primus”?