Enter the Gungeon

The rich arsenal of

weapons and related items have become the main theme of the Enter the Gungeon , at which clearly hints of her name. Character runs and shoots, can only roll and turn the tables to create shelters. Among the enemies of the vast majority – cartridges of different sizes, also manages to produce shells hero.

Dying, they almost always leave behind a sleeve, which is desirable to collect the pass. Yes, and many references can be found among the interior parts to “firearms”.

The gameplay is similar to any known all the “bagel”, whether it’s The Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy. That in the case of them to describe what is happening it could be a few words, here – a character falls on the floor, where randomly arranged the room with random enemies, and cleans it, trying to find a way to “the boss”.

When he is defeated, we will return to missed rooms or go to another floor and repeat the same thing there.

Selecting one of the four characters differing speeds, uniforms and other indicators, the user is in a training mode. In the hands of oruzheytsa have “gun” with unlimited ammo, which is using it and have to fight through a crowd of opponents. Rather, the crowd here are rare – most often in the same room is not more than a dozen enemies, and they come in waves.

The character is trained art flip-flop, which allows him to whitefish across the gap and dodge bullets, jumping straight at them and leaping flying projectiles. If the flip-flop and will not save from death, will have to use a “dummy”, forcing opponents to cease fire.

On each floor there are several important places for passing, one of which – the merchant’s shop. He collected for the defeated enemies sleeve sells all sorts of products, including kits, “Dummy”, rare weapons and other bonuses.

There are in his range and keys, unlocking the chests with various prizes – analogue room with gold doors in the of The of the Binding by Isaac .

The new machine will drop, increasing the luck object, the additional health points, and if you’re lucky, the cartridges in all kinds of weapons will have an additional effect. In general, the location will be cleaned a little bit easier, although the complexity is almost never disappear.

Mount arrow

Since the weapons – the main theme of the game, his species – a huge set. There is a kind of submachine gun, firing BULLET letters, which when hit by an enemy turned into comics word BANG. A gun to bounce off the walls of the nuclei. There was a place for even the blaster Worm Jim! Opponents also diverse, though like most of them in the cartridges. Different enemies produce unique shells: someone’s bullet also added in the letter, someone – fly by and takes place in the opposite direction after a few seconds.

Enter the Gungeon game review

“Bosses” is original and requires extreme concentration.

And each of these parts firefight reminds Max Payne or other spectacular action, with only an overhead camera and a 16-bit style. Thanks to the huge number of destructible objects – barrels, boxes, pots – each room in the blink of an eye turns into a complete fragments and ruins upturned furniture. It is worth to go there, where there are several cabinets with books, like the pages of which will begin to scatter all over the place after a few shots. It contributes a fraction of the dynamics in the not too fast shooting – the shells of the enemy “guns” are flying slowly, and the hero has to be recharged from time to time, which is why in the case of small battles pause. With the “bosses,” the situation is changing dramatically – “lives” they have a lot, odds are they do not give hardly ever, so more than enough speed.

However, this is related and the problem of the Enter the Gungeon – the lack of balanced complexity. Some villains are extremely strong, and anticipate their actions sometimes impossible, because of what you lose is not the fault of their own, or inattention. Pass on the third and fourth floor is very difficult because of this. And found the bonuses will not help – if in The Binding of Isaac , many of them had a significant impact on the ability of the hero (his tears increased, accelerated the fire, and damage), there is a majority of passive skills of the trunks are useless. The same thing happens with many kinds of weapons: they are either stupid and weak, or good, but they have to save up a meeting with “the boss” – ammo is limited, and replenish it manages infrequently.

So comparisons with The Binding of Isaac is not quite correct – there is a player with every new floor was becoming stronger, even if luck was not on his side, and the keys to the golden door did not give. Defeating the “boss”, the user always got a ‘life’ or something as significant. Or I was forced to adapt and change the style of the passage, depending on the found items. There is no sense of progress – like something and give, but it does not affect what is happening.

Related to this is another defect – too little keys and connectors on the locations. Prices with each floor are becoming increasingly high, chests appear at every turn, but almost nothing in the end use it is impossible. First-aid kits, incidentally, also give an hour on a teaspoon.