Dauntless game review

Dauntless game review and more news

On the eve of the release of the upcoming additions, the developers of the action / RPG Dauntless conducted a live broadcast and talked about what awaits users in the future.

First, the content presented in The Coming Storm will appear gradually in the game.

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Starting from August 8, you can hunt for a new monster Koshai, and after that Dauntless will be introduced a new weapon, as well as other innovations.

So, with the help of the Repeater shotgun, you can perform various combos and become a real long-range hunter.

Dauntless game review

Dauntless game review.Play in Dauntless for the elite warriors,hunting fierce representatives.The project is a cooperative RPG.

This will also help, and new grenades that will knock out your enemies first aid kits, as well as set fire to a small area on the ground or simply cause good damage.

In addition, the already famous cities of Ramsgate and Ostia will not be the only ones in the game.

With them will be connected new turns of the plot and the whole island. In this case, no weapons that would make a healer out of you, the team does not plan to enter.

A few days ago the team Phoenix Labs announced a major content update for its brainchild – action / RPG Dauntless, which from the end of May is in the stage of open beta testing.

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Thus, the game will have new equipment and hippopotami.

The town of Ramsgate will significantly expand, and the behavior of monsters will also change.


On the eve of the release of the update, the developers decided to present to the fans of the project a couple of new products that are waiting for them in the future.

The first of these will be a helmet with the spoken name “Skullforge”.

During the battle, this exotic headdress starts to glow, and after several successfully performed combos.

The effect of “burning” is amplified.

In addition, the item has a bonus that increases the owner’s stamina.

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Also, users will be able to get the Molten Edict mace.

Which can not only weigh your fists at a short distance.

But also shoot with fireballs flying along a hanging trajectory.

In addition, after a chain of successful attacks the weapon releases lava blobs.