Destiny 2 news

Destiny 2 news- a collection of various new information

In the topic of the 25th you can find an interesting destiny 2 news and picture that reflects already planned and future plans for various updates.

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At the moment, the game has already installed the update 1.2.3, the final part of which will begin in late July, along with the event “Solstice of Heroes” (I already talked about this in a separate topic).

The next major update is expected only on August 28, in its detailed description.

Many immediately noticed the features that are characteristic of the addition of Forsaken.

Also, I recall that the event at the end of July will end on August 28.

In principle, this will generally result in the issuance of various buns for the first year of the game.

Update 2.0.0 in August will bring with it a number of significant changes.

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And yes, a funny factor – the version of the game will jump sharply from 1.0+ to 2.0.

  • The change in the system of weapon slots is the same feature that many have been waiting for. And it will be installed a little before the new add-on, so that everyone can get used to it.
  • The systems of weekly tasks and tests in various activities will also be updated.
  • Will be added to the heroic variations of the plot quests.
  • Finally, it will be possible to delete unnecessary shaders in whole packets, instead of one at a time.
  • The storage will increase by 200 more cells so that you can store even more different equipment.
  • Director updates – here I do not understand what I mean at all, so maybe different other changes are indicated.

But that’s not all that includes a new road map.

It ends with a fairly large list of changes to the Forsaken add-on.

Here it is worthwhile to note that some events run on schedule can move forward slightly at a later date after the update is launched.

Well, during the new fourth season in the PvP mode.

And the developers decided to remind again that one of them will be an exclusive for the PlayStation platform.

Most likely, you already remember the basic features of Forsaken.

But let’s look at them again, based on the new roadmap:

  • Adding a collection system, from where you can then copy different equipment and some consumable items.
  • Returning the loss of weapons with random characteristics and perks, please note that this feature will only work on the equipment of the Forsaken add-on and above.
  • Opening of new triumphs of season 4 and the second year of the game.
  • Recycling the mod system, now they will not increase the level of light, but only add special new bonuses.
  • New maps for PvP and the mode, which we’ll talk about below.
  • The general meaning of light will now be an important component of the iron banner and in the test of nine.
  • And other various changes, about which I have repeatedly told in the articles.

Destiny 2 news

Further, thanks to the magazine Game Informer, now we finally learned what the new PvP mode is.

Looking ahead, I can say that it turned out to be quite interesting and.

Most importantly, fast, compared to the rest.

The mode itself is very simple and it will be easy to understand from the first minute.

And the map on which you managed to play Game Informer is small and convenient for this mode.

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The task of both teams is to grab a special repository of the enemy in order to win in one round.

You can do this only after you capture a certain point – the decoder.

There will be two teams fighting, four men each.

Each team appears in the corners of the map and then it needs to reach the center as quickly as possible.

Since there is a special control point for the capture.

So you’d better advance there at the same time.

Otherwise you can miss the initial moment.

The fact is that after activation, only one team can capture this point.

In a standard way, simply standing on it without enemies.

And only after that, the enemy team on their side will begin the process of preparing to activate the capture of the storage.

Now one team just needs to capture it, and the other – to protect its storage from the attack.

And both teams will also all appear in the initial spawns.

And if at the moment when the timer shows 0:00.

Roughly speaking, for victory you just need to coordinate your actions correctly so that all the members of your team participate simultaneously in battle.

For the time being, I, as someone who does not like too long matches, this PvP activity is very fond of.

Most likely, after the release of the update, I will be more likely to participate in PvP.

Destiny 2 news

Destiny 2 news

Destiny 2 news

Well, in the end, I decided to touch on a rather unusual topic.

Like the loss of the new exotic sniper rifle “Whisper of The Worm” and why everyone is trying so hard to get it.

With a more detailed examination of its characteristics, you will see the highest rate of damage.

But it is still easier to perceive the numbers than to compare the length of the characteristics bars.

Please note that all the figures were based on personal experience and various videos from YouTube.

While not taking into account the special bonus from the modifier of the prestigious raid this week.

  • The boss of the steeple spire (damage to the cans on the back) – the usual around 16 + 1 thousand, under the pool of warlock it becomes 30+, but sometimes there were numbers and 20+, that’s probably most likely already in the head.
  • Shrimp (damage only to the head after opening) – the usual damage of 77,000, under the pool of warlock 92+.
  • Kalus (as far as possible pure damage on critical points) – everything depends on the stuffed skulls. With 82 turtles net damage is about 88,000 +, and already with 104 turtles under the warlock pockets, the damage greatly jumps to 180,000. The maximum damage that I could find, with 102 turtles with a warlock puddle and a buff from raid gloves, was 220,000.

Thus, even now it is possible to draw conclusions why at this moment it is necessary to try to get this rifle and then to beat out the catalyst.

Most likely, it will remain the same strong in the new addition.

Especially after you pour in it the maximum possible light.

And with the catalyst made, its damage should grow even more.