adventure time pirates of the enchiridion

Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion

Climax Studios – if you call this company, then you hardly ever recall what projects they implemented.

And this, among other things, a large number of ports of iconic games.

Excellent Sudeki, controversial Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, as well as the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series.

So, having about 100 projects in the portfolio, this company can not boast of people’s love and universal recognition.

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But, maybe, it will come to them after the release of Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion, a new game on the famous license.

Which comes out immediately on all major platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. It was this version that became the basis for the review.

The enchanting adventures of Finn Man and Dog Jake are familiar to many.

The animated series has been broadcast by the Cartoon Network channel since 2010.

And its characters are familiar even to those who have not seen a single series.

These are walking memes, in a good sense of the word, which conquered a huge audience.

And the post-apocalyptic world, in which strange and incredible events occur, has long been the subject of discussion, copying and research.

The rich mythology of the series and the almost complete absence of any framework for creativity helped to create a universe in which any game can perfectly fit.

adventure time pirates of the enchiridion

Unfortunately, in this case, no significant game with the inscription Adventure Time in the title can not be recalled.

Since 2012, projects are coming out from different studios and for different platforms.

Trying to transfer the incredible adventures of Finn and Jake into the format of video games.

But they remained in demand unless the fans.

The others shrugged their shoulders at the sight of the franchise projects and passed by.

The last game (up to the hero of our review), coming out in 2016-2017 and punching the heroes of various popular CN worlds under the name Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers.

In general managed to collect 21 out of 100 on methacrytics and was buried under the negative reviews of both the press and the players.

After that, from a new attempt to transfer Adventure Time into a format that is convenient for gamers, nothing good was expected at all.

Nevertheless, the project from Climax Studios, which was responsible for the development, was surprisingly good.

This is not a landmark in the genre and not a masterpiece for all time.

But a good game, in which it was very interesting to spend time.

Because this is a very curious adventure with role-playing elements.

Which does not try to jump above the head or seem what it really is not.

In the Land of Ooo a strange event happened.

When Finn and Jake woke up in the morning, they unexpectedly discovered that the ice kingdom around them did not just melt, but also crumbled right before our eyes.

They were lucky, they did not drown immediately, but could even get to the boat to begin their investigation of what happened.

And if you do not return to the original state, then at least understand who is behind all the changes.

adventure time pirates of the enchiridion

 Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion is, as already mentioned above, an adventure with role-playing elements.

No, it may seem to you and a pure RPG on the totality of its components.

But the role-playing is sorely lacking here, as well as the opportunity to make an important choice.

Instead, we go on a trip to the fantastic lands on the ship, we fight, we search for secrets, we communicate with different characters, download the characters and fight again.

Interesting mechanics, which should be discussed separately, there is only one.

This is an opportunity to interrogate someone using the skills of Finn and Jake.

If you know the temperament of the interlocutor, it will be possible to quickly skip this moment.

Choosing the right tone of the replica – the characters speak in turn.

And you can play as a good and bad cop, and just hard to press on your interlocutor.

It looks funny and interesting enough.

You sail on the ship to a new location, land, go around this zone and fight with the encountered fighters.

On the moves, in turn, and with the ability to perform only 1 action per turn.

Here, too, could not do without a little zest – if your heroes take damage, they are able to enter berserker mode.

And the player loses control over them, and they, in turn, can well poke their enemies around the neck.

But the simple use of super-attacks at the right moments, when energy is accumulated, still works more efficiently.

adventure time pirates of the enchiridion

The pumping is basic here.

You get a level and for the money you pump out the characteristics.

Improving or the endurance of the fighters, or their fighting qualities, or some auxiliary characteristics.

But you can not say that the pumping really affects the passage – the game was light enough to be able to choose what you like best.

And create a non-working build for entrusted characters simply will not work.

Bump only health – slowly enemies, because you will live long enough.

If something goes wrong, always at hand is the right super-ability from artifacts or a bag of drugs.

Therefore, there will be no serious difficulties in the game.

Unfortunately, having on hands the perfect material and a basis for jokes, to sustain the necessary degree of fun developers also failed.

Like madness – it is sorely lacking. In total, the game turned out to be moderately, and humor was strictly measured.

What will please those who have never heard about Adventure Time before the game.

But it is unlikely to cause a storm of enthusiasm among fans. Although they are the target audience.

adventure time pirates of the enchiridion

Graphics on the Switch looks great in the mode of the pocket console, but not in the docking station.

Styling for the cartoon and bright colors without an abundance of small details in the textures helped create an animated cartoon on the console screen, which is nice to watch.

On the TV screen and the dock picture looks very good, but you should turn it on on the monitor without additional anti-aliasing.

And you’ll see staircases and sapphireed outlines of objects that indicate a low resolution of the picture.

On other platforms, the quality of graphics should be better.

But they do not have the portability – and this is a good trump card.

Since the game feels very good in a portable format and is very pleasant to play on the road.

But at home in front of the TV it may seem boring and surface.

Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion turned out to be a good game.

Which is clearly better than many of its predecessors.

But still not good enough to set it as an example to other projects under license.

This is a pleasant entertainment for several evenings.

Which will please both fans and those unfamiliar with the original gamers.

Without claiming a cult status or place in your personal top. That’s all.