Holidays in Silent Hill: a Travel Guide

A visit to Silent Hill is your salvation, your catharsis and cleansing of all the disaster that brought you across the world. What used to be the letter of indulgence is now a nice trip to the tranquil little town of Maine, which has maintained its cult status for decades. Our success stories include well-known personalities such as Harry and Heather Mason as well as James Sunderland. Also Travis Grady, Alex Shepherd and many more reported their phenomenal trips to Silent Hill. *

The history of the cityEven before the colonialization of America, the region around the Toluca Lake is of great importance to the aborigines. Shortly after the establishment of the first colony in New England, however, they are expelled by Englishmen, who ultimately founded the city at the end of the 17th century. In the 19th century, coal was discovered below the city, whose dismantling led to economic growth and attracted even more settlers to Silent Hill. At this time, a cult is also being developed, which still practices occult rituals. Many families have lived there for several centuries, some have moved further and have founded the surrounding communities of Shepherd’s Glen or Ashfield. Around 1900, the cult became more and more powerful, residents disappeared, and important institutions in Silent Hill were infiltrated by cultists. In 1991, the city witnesses of cruel murders, committed by Walter Sullivan, are already presented to the god of the cult human sacrifice. Since the middle of the 20th century strange rumors reach the outside world, but 2010 stop this abruptly. Since then it is quiet around Silent Hill.

Silent Hill movie
Silent Hill received several film adaptations of the same name.

* There may occasionally be other traumas, for the change between foggy upper world and disturbing alternative world we assume no responsibility. Likewise, every visitor is responsible for maintaining his or her mental state. We warn against becoming a prisoner of the city and of unnatural events. The city suffers under the isolationism that results from the actions of the utilitarian cult, the outsider only tolerates when they serve the diabolic goal of awakening the god of fanatics. The creatures there are manifestations of the mental state of the visitors, the trauma of their past in the subconscious, and their fears are amplified and visualized by the forces of Alessa Gillespie. Silent Hill has always been fascinating because of its complexity and various interpretive possibilities. Like a magnet, it attracts people into its spell, and this guide explains what goals to visit on the way to self-discovery and catharsis.

Silent Hill map
The stations of our trip through Silent Hill at a glance.
  • Paleville Old Silent Hill
  • PalevilleCentral Silent Hill
  • South Vale

Paleville is the northern part of Silent Hill, which is divided into three parts. Old Silent Hill is the residential area of ​​the city, where only a few small shops can be found next to the school.


The beginning of a journey is the beginning of a story. Behind this toilettor door lyrics lies the simple thought of catching a walk through Silent Hill where the first part of the series began in 1999. Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl were on their way to the wonderful city at Toluca Lake when Harry suddenly suddenly woke up in his car. A prologue later he is in the Diner Cafe 5to2, where he meets not only Cybil Bennett, the attractive and witty policeman, but also the radio.Entertainment we write great in Silent Hill! So here, in the cafe 5to2, our trip through the village is to begin.

Where: Bachman Street, Old Silent Hill


Later the primary school serves as a turning point for the events. Here we not only learn a lot about the children of the place, but also about the mysterious peculiarities of the city – because the inhabitants of Silent Hill have their own method of dealing with outsiders. Unusual keys and furniture furnished with secret mechanisms contribute significantly to the charm of the school. Here you can admire the table of Alessa Gillespie, the old clock tower and the beautiful courtyard, which still seems to be full of life and children’s laughter.

Where: At the corner of Midwich Street, Bradbury Street, Old Silent Hill


The Grand Hotel in the central Silent Hill is always worth an overnight stay. Here you will experience the demonstration of the journey, the unique opportunity to visit five of the nine floors, to marvel at our varied exhibits and to experience them on your own, as it feels like losing a close relative. It goes without saying that every part of the hotel strives to arouse the emotions, but the Grand Hotel and its sheer size make for the certain touch of despair.

Where: Simmons Street, on the edge of Central Silent Hill


It will be family. Do you have a father or mother complex that you have pushed out so far? The local butcher can help you. As a projection of his own feelings of guilt and repressed emotions, this in his butchery serves as a scapegoat for lost childhood.

Where: Toluca Avenue, Central Silent Hill

Silent Hill Origins


If you are looking for a refreshment and a little rest, our next stop will be especially appreciated.The Lakeview Hotel is also a place of knowledge and redemption. Go within yourself, remember your values ​​and reflect your deeds. They will not regret having been there. Pay particular attention to the spacious corridors and the hallways of your steps and do not be put off by the disturbing soundtrack and the wandering guests.

Where: Am Toluca Lake in West Sandford Street


An institution that plays by nature with the fears of the people and provides for numerous adrenaline distributions, we modify in Silent Hill even further. The perverted version of an amusement park can only be found here. Not only is the disintegration of the place, which can not stop anyone from visiting Silent Hill, but the extraordinary atmosphere that comes through the darkness. The stimulus is to select areas and illuminate with the flashlight while the rest of the environment sinks into deepest black. Beware of the Mountain Coaster!

Where: West Sandford Street


Of course, a visit to the Silent Hill hospital is a must. We limit ourselves to the Brookhaven Hospital, which is located in the south of the city and is the place where Maria’s verdict was made.The hospital is the scene of the historical confrontation between James Sunderland and Pyramid Head, which ended a little later elsewhere. Here you can climb up to the roof and enjoy the phenomenal view over the city. If the stairs are too cumbersome, just use the elevator – Silent Hill will do justice to every living situation.

Where: Carroll Street, South Vale


The beginning of the end of this trip is where the coach parked. Brightly illuminated and enclosed by the mist, this place is a symbol of the hopelessness. The view over Toluca Lake deceives, firs deceive Idylle and the viewpoint on the outskirts of the city deceives visitors, luring them over and over again into the region.

We say goodbye to you at the Observation Deck and hope you enjoyed the trip through Silent Hill.For comments, praise and criticism, our comment area is available to you.

Where: East of South Vale