Decent Gaming Laptop at a Low Price: HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-ec1019ur Review

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Gaming laptops have come a long way since their inception, from bulky desktop devices to ultra-fast cars in the high price segment. The division into categories allowed manufacturers to produce separate lines in each of the three price segments – up to 60 thousand rubles, from 80 to 150 thousand rubles and over 120 thousand rubles. Today we will consider a fresh solution from the company HP in the budget price segment up to 70 thousand rubles – HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-ec1019ur… The forecast price for the model we are describing should be about 68 thousand rubles.


The HP Pavilion comes in a heavy-duty eco-friendly cardboard box. The inside of the laptop is firmly held by a polymer pad. In a separate segment, there is a two-part charge. The instructions are in a transparent plastic file. The device itself is padded with a protective polymer fabric between the keyboard and the screen.


The laptop is started by the button on the left side of the device. When turned on, the keyboard is backlit with a pleasant green color. The keystroke sound is quiet, the response is soft, and requires medium effort in use. Squeezed and deformed arrows look strange.

The touchpad is standard – with medium pressure and gesture support from HP.

The first launch from power on to start menu takes about 1 minute. Subsequent downloads take about 12 seconds.

During the first activation, a profile setup takes place, which requires the introduction of personal data, such as email, phone, date of birth and password to log in to the system. Changes can be made later in Windows settings. At the end of the procedure, you are greeted with built-in help from HP.


The HP Pavilion is a futuristic laptop with diamond-shaped solutions. The top speaker panel is made of hexagons connected to each other. On the left side panel there is a charging output, on the right – USB 3.1, Type-C and HDMI. There is also a slot for headphones and a memory card.

The fifteen-inch screen is protected by a dense body. The thickness of the screen frame is 5 millimeters on the sides and 1 centimeter on the top. The camera is located at the top of the frame. In normal mode, the laptop is very quiet – the noise level is below 35db. When working with heavy applications, it rises to 42db. The laptop weighs 2.12 kg. Thickness – 2.35 cm, external proportions – 25.7×36 cm.


The laptop comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which according to the passport is 52113 mWh. A full charge takes 2 hours 10 minutes. The manufacturer claims fast charging from 50 to 100 percent in 45 minutes. In standard mode – when browsing the Internet or working in editors – a full charge will last for 6-7 hours.

In active gaming mode, the laptop lost from 94% to 30% in two hours of use. That is, its limit in game mode without recharging is about 3 hours. With a value of 9%, the laptop turns off and goes into sleep mode, from where it can only exit after connecting to the network.

The device was produced in June 2020. Inside it is an AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, 2420 MHz processor, two 8 GB DDR4-3200 DDR4 SDRAM (@ 1600 MHz) memory sticks with a maximum frequency of 3200 MT / s from Micron, a KBG40ZNV512G KIOXIA 476.2 GB (418.6 GB) solid-state disk drive free), built-in Realtek Bluetooth 5 version and video adapter on a 512 MB AMD Radeon and GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB) processor. The laptop also received the HP TrueVision HD Camera (720p) for teleconferencing and communication, which does not support Microsoft’s facial recognition technology.

Realtek ALC285 @ AMD K17.6 – Audio Processor is used as a sound solution. Screen – 15.6-inch IPS panel with up to 178 ° wide viewing angle and 1080p (Full HD) resolution with 60Hz refresh rate.

As you can see from the tests, which can be found below, the level of glare is low, and the anti-reflective coating behaves well in sunny weather.

The radiator grill is located at the bottom of the case and is blown by two fans, which provides good cooling. As I noted above, the noise from the laptop is almost inaudible even when running heavy graphics applications.

In standard mode, AIDA64 displays the following temperatures:

  • CPU – 37 ° C
  • CPU diode – 38 ° C
  • GPU – 36 ° C
  • KBG40ZNV512G KIOXIA – 32 ° C

With heavy use, the CrystalDisk Info tests indicate that the hard drive temperature rises to 42 ° C. The GPU reached 56 ° C.

The hard disk speed in Crystal Disk Mark was 1812 MB / s for reading and 1354 MB / s for writing. In real tests, the write speed when copying inside the disk did not exceed 516 MB / s.

In graphics tests, the GeForce GTX 1650 (4GB) became the system’s bottleneck. In 3D Mark TimeSpy, the system showed 17 and 14 frames per second. Final Fantasy XV Benchmark recorded a low score. In Unigine Superposition Bachmark with extreme settings, the system produced 11 frames per second, and at medium settings – 38 frames per second.

If we talk about games, then projects such as DOOM, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Battlefield V ran stably at medium graphics settings with an average frame rate of 45-50 frames. But the video memory is clearly not enough for the card.

Bang & Olufsen built-in speakers are the perfect solution. The sound is deep and rich thanks to the excellent placement of the two speakers at the top of the device.

In real conditions, the laptop lies comfortably on your lap (the radiators are located so that they do not overlap in this scenario of use), it is convenient to work on it on the couch or in a taxi, watch movies and play. It does not overheat and does not cause hot knee syndrome.


  • + Very quiet
  • + Good battery
  • + Interesting design and lighting
  • + Decent screen with good brightness level
  • + Great sound from Bang & Olufsen
  • – Heavy – carry two kilograms
  • – Weak video card with little video memory

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-ec1019ur is a decent low-priced gaming laptop that will run mainstream projects on medium settings. Sure, more memory, a better graphics card, and less weight would make it the perfect solution, but it looks great compared to competitors like the Lenovo Legion 5.

Author: Alexander Loginov (XTR)

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