The Japanese developed a method of transmitting energy through the air and created an entire room with wireless charging devices.

A group of researchers from the University of Tokyo and Michigan has developed a method for transmitting energy through the air, as described in the journal. Nature… As a demonstration, the scientists created a dedicated wireless charging room.

At any point in the room measuring 3 by 3 and 2 meters high, you can install lamps, fans and other items powered by electricity that will work without an outlet. Energy is transmitted by walls with a conductive surface – for this purpose, compact magnetic coils are located in the room, which create a field that covers the entire volume of the room along with the corners.

The uniqueness of the technology lies in the possibility of wireless charging with a power of more than 50 watts for devices at rest and on the move. The efficiency of the technology is 37-50% or more – in large spaces. The new method is reported to be safe and compliant with FCC and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (FCC) regulations.

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