Kingdom Hearts 3 News

kingdom hearts 3 news

Many fans of the Kingdom Hearts series of role-playing games, originating back in 2002, are eagerly awaiting the release of the third part of the franchise.

Which will again transfer the characters from the Final Fantasy universe to the amazing Lands created on the basis of the work of the Disney studio.

During his travel to Kingdom Hearts 3, users have to confront the so-called “Heartless”, the creatures of darkness that invade the worlds and then destroy them.

As it became known, the developers of the company Square Enix prepared for the players a rich storyline.

Capable of giving you 40 to 50 hours of incredible gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts 3 News

However, this possibility of the project is not limited, in Kingdom Hearts 3 we are waiting for a lot of mini-games.

Which will allow you to distract from the main narrative for a while.

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Thus, for users who decide to familiarize themselves with all available content.

The duration of the project can increase to 80 hours.

Release of Kingdom Hearts 3 will take place in early 2019 – January 29.

On platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We are talking about fans, because people who did not play in the Kingdom Hearts before and do not understand what is happening here.
Final Chapter Prologue will not be easy to understand.
These are the remaster versions of the original games and some “spin-offs” that are basic for the series.
Or it’s worth waiting for these two editions to appear on the PlayStation 4  before taking on Kingdom Hearts 2.8.
If you are already familiar with the storyline of the main games, or are willing to read a lot.
Listen and remember additional information, then you can not skip the Final Chapter Prologue.