The gameplay of the never-released Spider-Man 4 for the Xbox 360 was leaked – Igromania

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Portal Obscure Gamers shared a rather lengthy gameplay video of the canceled Spider-man 4based on the never-released film Sam Raimi

In the video, you can watch flights on the web in New York, a long battle with a helicopter and a kneading with a bunch of punks closer to the end of the video.

According to the website, the main version for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC was developed by Radical Entertainment… Spider-Man 4 was also planned for the Wii and DS – these versions were charged with Eurocom and Vicarious visions respectively.

Activision chose Radical Entertainment in large part because the team previously recreated New York in detail in action Prototype… Fourth part “Spider” was canceled in 2010, and its developments were used to create Prototype 2

Two years ago, screenshots and a small video of the Spider-Man 4 prototype for Wii were leaked to the network.

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