Astroneer game

Astroneer game Review-development of the project at the moment

Perhaps the most fascinating in the games that are released through the early access system is to observe how the project develops, and in most cases after a long period the gameplay is felt quite differently.

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That’s exactly what happened with the above project Astroneer game.

Which we even studied in the cooperative all in the same distant 2016.

But the game has changed quite a lot, forcing me to practically re-learn the various mechanics.

For those who forgot or did not know at all.

Astroneer game

Astroneer game is roughly speaking a sandbox survival game where you take on the role of an astronaut who is sent to a randomly generated planet to study it.

And immediately after the landing you will notice the difference, as now instead of the usual capsule a small echo center in the form of a base that produces oxygen and energy unfolds, but its possibilities are limited.

Further, as soon as you leave the shelter, you will have a round landing pad necessary to reset the first blocks of construction.

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The fact is that the developers have quite significantly changed the very construction of various structures and the principle of their work, which we will consider below.

In general, almost from the very beginning, if you press the F1 hot key.

The game will show you a brief summary of the various major changes in the cognitive pictures for greater visibility.


 astroneer game

Now all the construction, except for individual small buildings.

Should be located only on special platforms, in the process of creation.

All structures are supplied in the form of small square boxes for easy transportation.

Once you select the location you want, hold down the E button and this high-tech science miracle will quickly turn into a platform ready for use.

There are only three types of platforms and they differ only in capacity: a small, medium and large platform.

These connectors are now located on three sides for ease of use.

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Also now they serve as an indicator of the intensity of the supply of energy to various mechanisms, but we’ll talk about this a little later, when we touch on the topic of processing the importance of energy.

Well, after you connect the platform to the base or to the source of electricity.

It is still in the game and can safely move various unrecorded items.

The process of creating buildings now takes some time, as they are all created on high-tech 3D printers.

And again their speed depends on the energy and one more new chip.

But as in the very first version, you can still create some constructions through your personal backpack.

Throwing in the necessary things, this process has not changed much and remained intuitively understandable.

The process of studying various new technologies has changed dramatically.

As in principle the interface itself of various interactions.

Now it all looks, in my opinion, much easier and better.

If you point and hold the Q hot key, you will see a new study interface in the form of a small portable device.

There are four categories of different researches and you can move around it using the keyboard or simply by pressing the buttons on this device with your mouse.

Now all the research will pass only through it and for this you will need special information bytes.

Previously, to get a new drawing, you needed to dig out special organic “cubes” of information of various shapes and stuff them into the research apparatus.

This process did not change at all, only now you are pulling out these bytes from them.

Well, in conclusion, just a small list of various changes that I personally noticed:

There were unique modifiers for the structures, the vacuum vacuum cleaner of the player and his backpack.

For example, a module that increases the speed of the structure or the speed of suction of the vacuum cleaner.

Although I have already noticed a convenient structure for the creation of minerals.

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Terraforming the planet through your vacuum cleaner has become much easier and more convenient by changing some functions.

For example, the process of leveling the soil has become much more responsive.

The user interface began to contain more detailed information.

Which was lacking at the start, for example, if you point at a certain resource.

The game will say that you can get it from it by melting.

Periodic sandstorms look much better and now, when they hit them.