Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – there were new details

The central theme of the new issue of the authoritative magazine EDGE was the adventure thriller Sekiro Shadows Die Twice from the studio FromSoftware .

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We read the article and selected the most interesting details.

  • In the demonstrated demo version, journalists had a chance to fight one of the bosses with a height of more than three meters, called the Rotten Monk .
    The battle itself takes place on a bridge, surrounded by Japanese maple trees;
  • Developers do not pursue 100% historical certainty;
  • Players will fight not only with humanoids, “but also with what goes beyond the human,with something slightly more supernatural, hidden inside the world of the game”;
  • The principle of the map remained the same as in Dark Souls and Bloodborne . It will be a complex, interconnected world with many paths;
  • If the protagonist has a name, FromSoftware is not ready to disclose it;
  • According to the plot, the main character is a ninja who serves a child, a young lord.
    At the beginning of the game he is abducted by the Ashin clan.
    And when trying to save the master the protagonist loses his left hand and dies.

    He is returned to life by a sculptor of Buddhist images, who instead of losing his hand creates the hero ” Prosthesis of Shinobi “;
  • The prosthesis has many adaptations. One is able to pierce the shields of enemies, the other can produce “fireworks”, which blinds the enemies;
  • Regarding the presence of the “New Game +” mode, the developers can not say anything yet;
  • The combat system refers to Uncharted in the sense that you can play stealth while there is such an opportunity, and then start making noise when things go wrong;
  • Journalists, having played a game, described the combat system as the most brutal and the most complex of all that Miyazaki ever did ;
  • In the game there is no separate button for evasion. There are maneuvers in the jump that will be used to, for example, avoid danger;
  • If you die on the battlefield, there will be a button.
    When you click on that you will be resurrected with a full health reserve.
    And although the subtitle of the game indicates that you can only rise once, the journalists managed to do this five times in a row, until they died once and for all. However, the developers are still finalizing the system and in the future will set limits and a kind of penalty;
  • At an early stage of Sekiro’s development¬†sekiro shadows die twice was seen as the revival of Tenhcu . However, Miyazaki was afraid that the project would only be a pathetic parody, since absolutely different people worked on the series;
  • Initially, the project was simply called Sekiro . However, Activision so liked the phrase¬†sekiro shadows die twice,which was used in the teaser on VGA 2017 , that they asked the developers to make it part of the title.

In addition, it became known that a full display of the game process will take place at the PlayStation Experience South East Asia.

Which will be held from 18 to 19 August.