Dark Souls 3


Dark Souls 3. Three words that resonate with force just mentioning them. Seven years have passed since From Software became a benchmark in the videogame industry with Demon’s Souls. Along the way have appeared two more games of the Souls saga, the Scholar of the Sin review and a more visceral approach to action with Bloodborne.

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The result, faultless. The next one in the list, the one that wants to close a cycle, is this third numbered delivery that has the most difficult.


Try to convince, and win, when behind his back there are four games that have known how to make a difference. And here is part


of the merit of Dark Souls 3. In that maybe it does not surprise like Demon’s Souls did. Maybe it’s not as difficult as Dark Souls. But it has something that, combined with the From Software formula, makes it a gem: inspiration.

It was 2009 when a title started to resonate with strength internationally. In a moment, we will not tire of saying it, in which videogames seemed to want to approach all audiences with accessible and simple proposals for the player, From Software arrived


and presented the world with an Action RPG demanding, frustrating and hard to understand. The lack of information about its operation, the internal rules that many did not quite decipher and that deceptive order (the world 1-4 was not easier than

The 3-3) hit the user hard. And unlike what you can think, they triumphed. So many that we celebrate the arrival, by the hand of Namco Bandai, of the game to Europe and Spain, with subtitles included. From Software had won half the world.

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For many the great impact, the pioneer, is Demon’s Souls. But for many others, the masterpiece of Miyazaki, the one in charge of giving shape to these devilish Action RPG, is Dark Souls. With the base of the title of PS3 well present, the new multiplatform delivery of the already saga Souls arrived to become a game capable of surprising at every moment, to despair the player and,

at the end of everything, to reward him. Its rich – more than it might seem to be the beginning – universe, the defiant final bosses and, above all, that architecture made by geniuses that interconnected the world in an unimaginable way were fused with those rules under


which Demon’s Souls (the system of combat, the management of souls, the present death, the original online system) to create a work that still speaks today. Without Miyazaki in front would come Dark Souls 2,

In this whole equation, and also to understand Dark Souls 3, you can not miss Bloodborne. It came out last year on Playstation 4 and was unveiled as the project in which Miyazaki was. Weighty reason not to participate in Dark Souls 2, as demonstrated with the hunters unleashed in their respective nightmares. The combat system was the center of everything, with parries,


visceral blows and combinations impossible to see in the Souls saga. A wonderful and dark artistic section and a base recognizable by all. Of these games drinks Dark Souls 3, which could be seen symptoms of fatigue due to the obvious continuity of situations offered by From Software since 2009 but which, in reality, turns the legacy into a virtue. In a tool to move to eternity.