The Escapist 2, we evade prison with the game review

Welcome to Alcatraz … or almost
Since the initial menu, The Escapist 2 highlights a variety of gaming options significantly higher than the modest range available in the original chapter, which appeared two years ago.

You start by customizing your characters (without forgetting guards and cell companions) with a much more varied and complex editor than the one seen in the past: not only name and haircut, but also skin color, various eyewear models and more or less important accessories such as bandanas or headdresses (which will add a multitude of elements simply by continuing in the adventure and unlocking them by completing the various tasks that will be assigned to us).

Once we have the light of our company’s rejection, we will be called to face the main mode, which will catapult us without too much compliments into the first game prison (of the ten available). History” (if so we can call it) it is just our dear escaped by the sea, happy to tell its story to those who want to hear it. This will turn into a sequel of prison mission-related missions, including an exhaustive initial tutorial, the ultimate task of which will always be to escape the turn structure. And to do so, we will have to take advantage of every item at our disposal, including crafting or donated by the various NPCs.

But not only: the plan divided into plans will now allow us to have a clear picture of the situation, with an emphasis on the escape point to be reached to cleverly escape from the prison, paying particular attention to the prison guards, the galleys and the goals to wear (often and willingly, keys to be recovered), all different for coloring and movement patterns.

But beware: we can not go from one point A to a point B as if nothing was. Prisoners have their specific schedules and sewing a meal in the dining room will mean putting safety on the alert or finishing in the middle of a fight. Including the danger dictated by metal detectors and security cameras, which can make us bump into isolation in what you do not say (and this will make us lose valuable time).

The Escapist 2, we evade prison with the game review

Give me a file and I’ll go to people you do not say! 
The Escapist 2it also provides a whole range of statistics to keep on eyeing so we can see that our evasion plan is moving in the right direction: not only the health of the galeotto protagonist, but also its intelligence and strength physics, as well as a bar for energy and second-degree alert.

And in prison, like any other place in the world, to get favors will serve money. Among the missions to be completed, there are also various kinds of work activities, all of them at a fixed time (usually structured in mini-games). The more the earning will be, the better the buying opportunities. The gym in the prisons will also be of great importance, since depending on the ability to show the muscles the cell companions will decide whether or not to use our head as a brush for water.

There will also be a whole series of secondary missions – just offered by gold-hearted galleys – which will allow us to recover objects that are not obtainable in any other way. There are so many things to do, different ways to achieve one’s purpose and an environmental context that from “Escape From Alcatraz” has become common use and consumption.

That is to say, the variety of gambling will lose strikes around the third / fourth prison from which they escape, not giving way to the gameplay of the title footed Mouldy Toof Studios to mesh the fifth.