Berserk and the band of the Hawk

The plot developments
The game develops on the same twists the fans know: we will take the parts of Gatsu, a mercenary from the most suffered future than it could have been his past. His fate will make him cross with the hawks band, a group of soldiers belonging to the oppos
ite faction who, after trying to rob him, will end up imprisoning him. His being a free spirit will lead him to a fight against the commander of these men, Griffith, with victory and freedom on the one hand, and defeat and complete submission on the other. You can imagine that victory will not be the outcome of this clash and from this point on will
continue the events that most of you know.
The story mode of the game is divided into multiple chapters divided into battles (4 available during the trial) and events, simple dialogues useful to enrich the background of the characters. Returning to the battles, they are all preceded by a briefing on how the
mission will be carried out and listed, alike the allies and enemies we will find during the battle, also the Behelits, the fundamental narrative of Berserk’s narrative , which play the role of goals secondary to reach to unlock special cards at the end of the battle. Here is also the selection of the character and the ability to equip objects to improve character statistics.
Berserk and the band of the Hawk
A musou like the others
The gameplay mechanics, once in a game, are the same ones that Musou’s years and years have accustomed to us, with some of their own peculiarities, but it is struggling to emerge from the general button-smashing that crashes during the clashes. Consider co
mbinations vary only based on the level reached and how many times we can run the fast attack and then close the combo with the heavy one. By executing a large number of kills we will fill a special bar that will enable us to activate the frenzy mode by achie
ving multiple damage and reducing damage; multiple times will be activated during the battle, the greater the benefits we will get. It joins a second bar, dependent on the execution of moves called Obliteration, which will conclude some of the combo.
One must recognize the commit
ment to creating a particularly varied system with regard to the moveset of the various characters that, while always ending in a total slaughter, at least
diversifies the dynamics of progress.
We have also been able to try a parallel mode of history from the name Endless Eclipse, which consists of a sequence of ever-increasing difficulty levels that takes up the backgrounds of history and makes them face different goals, though all of them ” destroy T izio “or” clear
the area from Caio “. Unfortunately, we managed to devote only a few minutes, without going beyond the fifth level, so we refer to a more thorough review of the review.
On the technical side, the game shows the signs of a cross-gen and cross-platform development, considering not only that it is for ps4 and pc, but has
also been released for ps3 and psvita on native land. The graphic detail is therefore scarce, and so the polygonal grid of characters and enemies. Artificial intelligence, as it is customary for the Musou, has not been received, as has been the case for both physical and animated bugs. We praise the choice to include movies, presumably drawn from Berserk’s soul, as cutscenes of the game.