Bloodborne, new game studio, the ideological successor of Souls cycle pattern does not change – it still mocks the player plunges his face into the dirt and shamelessly feel strength. Bloodborne not become easier or more loyal, it’s still a game for her. Here, as before, no one will tell you what to do, where to go and how to kill out of the boss. Sam find out a little.

The game takes place in Yarname, a medieval city where raging plague that turns the locals into a crazed beast. Again, as in the Souls series, the writers do not reveal all cards at once.

The protagonist, the hunter, comes to life in a dilapidated hospital, where he pours the blood unknown grandfather in a wheelchair (a great idea for a tattoo). After a series of drug trips hero finds himself in a cemetery, where he meets a talking doll, he expounded vague hints. Is this a dream, reality – at once and not say.

After another slain boss wants to run out into the street (from light to blink, because it dried up at home last week), poulybatsya in the chamber invited journalists to rise to the podium and said: “I did it, guys. We live! “

To find out what the hell is this, you need to collect the nuggets of information and pay attention to detail. For example, the church, which allegedly can find salvation, you will learn from an inconspicuous note.

Knocked on a random door, you will meet a man who will tell you that the city began the hunt, and to do away with it, you need to kill all the monsters. Such cases, the handle then do not drive.

But it’s for the best. Wander through Yarnamu, inspect the nooks and crannies of his sudden … nice. Taking a walk on the surrounding area, one wonders how insistent From Software in its desire to morally disarm you, distract.

Then you and the decaying corpses of horses, and screaming women, and lonely tusuyuschie villagers with pitchforks, torches and axes – absolutely crazy, by the way.

But it is necessary to shift attention to the exquisite Gothic architecture (even after The Order: 1886 and of Assassin’s Creed the Unity  – still hoo!),

And you immediately arrives from some wild boar. At such moments in the studio From Software heard popping open the champagne, “Another caught, brother Miyazaki. Let’s collectively hug! ”

Generally, of course, comparisons with Dark Souls  is inevitable – both games are structurally similar – but Bloodborne is not felt secondary, largely due to the updated combat system.

In it, the authors completely shifted emphasis: forget about dancing with a shield around another enemy – positional battle gave way to the pressure and aggression. However, this does not mean that it is now necessary to include Berserker and look for trouble. Everything is much thinner.

Fights Bloodborne like a dance of death. You meet a giant werewolf, jump from side to side, trying to seize the opportune moment to smashing blow, and the evil beast all waving claws, trying to grab you paws and a little bite off the head of the hero.

In this whirlwind of events you need to keep a cool head and think quickly – and therein lies the main charm of the fighting in Bloodborne.

Review of Bloodborne.  Game Review - Image 3


Review of Bloodborne.  Game Review - Image 4

But From Software and tries to lead you astray. The authors skillfully flirt with your feelings and instincts. For example, in the Bloodborne an opportunity to make up for part of the health, causing instant retaliatory strikes an opponent. It would seem that it simplifies the game.

Not a bit of it. This is actually a very tricky provocation. The desire to save the extra medical kit inciting to take the risk to put a couple of strokes and to regain lost life. In most cases, you will be tempted to die violently, and then start over again.

In the hands of the treacherous From Software you – a puppet, which act like they like. You never know what awaits you on – and can happen any . Here on a city bridge hovers handful of angry villagers. You surely are going to them with one thought in mind –

“Well, now I have them!” Having entered the fray, you will not notice as you crush out of nowhere who undertook a fireball. Or, for example, you go through the sewers.

Like all good – you can even cope with the local rats! You go in the tunnel, notice the awesome silhouette – runs out of the darkness a gigantic grunting boar, which first blow sends you slurp dirty sewer water. Fear of the unknown – one of the best feelings, which gives Bloodborne.