“Great success” – reporters spoke out about a new accessory from Sony for the DualShock 4 gamepad

Last month company Sony introduced accessory for gamepads Dualshock 4called Back Button Attachment. This is an optional panel with two programmable keys and an OLED screen that attaches to the back of the controller. The device has not yet gone on sale, however, some journalists have already managed to familiarize themselves with it, who hastened to share their impressions.

The accessory is designed primarily for users keen on competitive games and eSports.

The first reviews on the Back Button Attachment turned out to be mostly positive, mainly the press praises the convenience of the accessory and its low cost..

“Perhaps the Back Button Attachment is a direct hint of what to expect from the PlayStation 5 gamepad. And maybe this is just a small gift from Sony for fans of DualShock 4. In any case, I was very pleased. The announcement was sudden, correctly installed the accessory didn’t work right away, but after I played with it just a couple of days, the Back Button Attachment became an integral part of my leisure time. And if this experiment succeeds, I hope that in future gamepads such keys will be installed by default, ” material IGN.

“Having a Back Button Attachment will not stop third-party companies from producing high-quality professional gamepads, and in any case they can offer much finer tuning and adjustment than the two usual additional buttons on the underside of DualShock 4. But if you are attracted to additional controls for your usual controller and you don’t want to spend the extra $ 100, the Sony solution is a really attractive alternative that will cost you a small amount, ”adds Polygon.

“Back Button Attachment allows you to easily expand the functionality of DualShock 4. Thanks to this add-in, your fingers, which usually just lie on the gamepad, can be used during the game and give you a tangible advantage. This is especially noticeable in various shooters: thumbs always remain on sticks, and you don’t need to switch to the buttons from the front panel of the controller.The accessory does its job perfectly, while remaining simple and easy to use. This is a great success. The new system, of course, will not be able to force DualShock 4 by level I’m convenient to get closer to the Xbox Elite Series 2, but it gives similar opportunities, “notes Venturebeat.

“If you can’t immediately imagine a game where you need two additional buttons on the back of the gamepad, then Back Button Attachment was probably not created for you. In other cases, a new device from Sony is a cheap and convenient way to expand the possibilities your gamepad, which you definitely need to try, especially if you still have not purchased any third-party controllers, ” Mashable.

Back Button Attachment will go on sale January 23 for $ 29.99.

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