Season 2023 starts in League of Legends on January 10 – review

Developers from Riot games announcedthat the 2023 season starts in League of Legends already January 10th. On the poster, which was published yesterday, you can see the chains and the silhouette of a champion named Urgot, as well as the inscription “In 5 days we will break them.”

In the new season, players will have a slightly changed rank system. Like last season, after the first qualifying game you will receive a preliminary rank. Until the end of the qualification, only you will see this rank. During qualification you will not lose LP. After eight qualifying games, you will receive an initial rank.

Also on January 8, patch 10.1 will be released on the League of Legends main servers, the main innovation of which will be the champion Sett. He started in the arena in Navori as a simple fighter, but quickly became famous and, having made his way to the very top, took the fighting pit he had fought before. Also, the update will add several new skins to the game and make changes to the balance.