Frozen 2 became the highest-grossing cartoon in history, Skywalker. Sunrise “has already collected more than 900 million dollars

Dominance Disney goes on. While the fees of the painting “Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise“Confidently approaching a billion,”Frozen 2»Becomes the highest grossing cartoon in history.

In his own market “Skywalker. Voskhod ”became the leader of the rental for the third week in a row, having collected a cash register in the country at 450 million dollars. Over the past weekend around the world, he brought the creators another 33.7 million dollars, so the total fees reached $ 918.8 million.

Another Disney picture does not lag behind him. By the evening of January 5, the fees of “Frozen Heart 2” in the world exceeded $ 1.325 billion, in connection with which the animated film was the highest grossing film in history.

Interestingly, before this title belonged to the first part of the series, which managed to earn 1.281 billion dollars at the box office.

The list of the most successful cartoons of all time at the moment is as follows:

  1. Frozen 2 – 1.325 billion;
  2. “Frozen” – 1,290;
  3. The Incredibles 2 – 1.242;
  4. “Minions” – 1,159;
  5. Toy Story 4 – 1,073;
  6. Toy Story: The Great Escape – 1,066;
  7. Despicable Me 3 – 1.034;
  8. “Finding Dory” – 1,028;
  9. “Zeropolis” – 1,023;
  10. Despicable Me 2 – 0.970.

Technically, the Lion King of 2019, which earned $ 1.666 billion at the box office, could top the rating. However, Disney flatly refuses to consider it an animated film.

At the Russian box office, the fees of Frozen 2 amounted to about 1.752 billion rubles, on the day of the premiere, the picture earned more than 85 million.

The top 10 in our country according to the results of last weekend is as follows:

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