Another patent for the PlayStation 5 gamepad – with “petals” on the back

Recently Sony introduced a module with two additional buttons for DualShock 4. Probably, such a thing is not needed for the PlayStation 5 gamepad – the company registered another patent for the controller, where new buttons were discovered.

The Japanese corporation filed a patent application in June, but it was published on the Web only yesterday, December 26. According to the document, there may be four additional buttons on the back of the DualShock 5. For comparison, the module for the PS4 controller has only two.

Separately, we note that the patent does not necessarily come to life. In addition, he has discrepancies with the previous gamepad patent for the PS5 – for example, the indicator light returned and the central button on the front panel of the controller disappeared.

Recall that the DualShock 5 officially confirmed the USB connector, increased battery capacity, improved tactile feedback and adaptive triggers that simulate resistance – you can read about this in the news with details about the PlayStation 5.

More or less real image of DualShock 5 can be seen under a magnifying glass here.