The Walking Dead: A New Frontier EPISODE 5: FROM THE GALLOWS

Finally the vagrants return to assume a thick veil, to resume in some way their role of threat that moves all the events of the universe of Robert Kirkman, rather than a simple interlude between a dialogue and the next to justify some pressure at the time right of the correct button.It is surely this element that makes From the


Gallows probably an atypical episode compared to the last two seasons of The Walking Dead by Telltale: there is much more action, the dialogues have a greater sense of urgency, we perceive we are in danger and everything it takes place quickly but with incredible grace.


Each element is well calibrated and the scenes flow away smooth and pleasant before leaving us to grips with the latest, inexorable decisions.

The end of a dream with The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 4 and 5

It is at this moment that everything done in the past will fall on us with interests, inexorably defining the relationship we wanted to create between Javier and Kate, now become a real loot of war between the two beloved / hated brothers and, consequently, with the surviving eldest son Gabe. We will find out who will go with whom and what will be the outcome of the fragile balance of power that we have helped to create or dissolve. It is therefore a pity that


, having removed the very few prominent personalities who have accompanied us for all five episodes, for most of the secondaries the same identical care by Telltale has not been given.In particular, he made us turn up his nose to discover that Tripp and


Eleanor or Ava or the small group of leaders who managed Richmond, even if survivors of our decisions, are practically forgotten or left so in the rear to compel us not to care for them. Almost as if they had suddenly become mere extras. Eleanor in particular, after in our case we were a step away from having an affair with her, has practically vanished after a very brief fight turned into a moment in a relaxing moment.

Nobody cared more about her, not even the developer. And then Clementine remains. Once again she is really the backbone of the narrative force of The Walking Dead, even in this third season, where unfortunately it is an element too secondary,And, perhaps, on balance, this is really the biggest flaw of A New Frontier: having forced us to command and follow the events of a group of people who only crosses Clementine.A handful of tragic heroes who in the end still


have a self-conclusive, even positive, story that never fails to make us forget, with a great regret, what we experienced in the first two videogames seasons of The Walking Dead. We would have liked to live much more the deeds of the girl who grew up among the stray


, experience our maturity on our skin and, once we reach the epilogue, there remains only one hope that we will cultivate in all the months that separate us from inevitable fourth season: return to having her as a protagonist because a character of this thickness, it seems, Telltale has not been able to draw it.