Homicide in the barn

Hitman game review

The new adventure of hitman game starts towards the final parable. After the missions of Paris, Sapienza, Marrakech and Bangkok, the fifth event takes us to the remote Colorado countryside, the crossroads of a cunning plot against the Agency. The current adventure of Agent 47 is running out but IO Interactive seems already willing to confirm its strategy by proposing two more episodic seasons in the years to come. Episode 5 is available for download from Tuesday to the usual price of 9.99 euros.


The new package was accompanied by the update 1.16, which makes significant additions above all to the Contract mode.First of all it has become easier to identify the tasks starting from the title, description or tags.


At the same time it is possible to modify the conditions of killing thanks to sixteen types of assassination and seven categories of accidental deaths, so that the objective can be eliminated with the strategy already adopted by those who conceived the contract. The update also leads to the elimination of online leaderboards – both for main missions and for Escalation and custom contracts – after resolving a bug that altered scores when using the Jaeger 7 Lancer Sniper Rifle weapon.

On the Colorado estate, Agent 47 has put four targets in the crosshairs


Agent 47 is on the trail of the shadow client, a mysterious individual who with clever orchestrations managed to make fun of the ICA. In the mission briefing Diana informs us that all the data in the possession of the technicians seem to lead to Olivia Hall, cyberactivist involved in acts of cyber vandalism.


The traces left by the girl allowed the agency to go back to a scattered farm in Colorado, which became a training ground for a private army in the pay of a dangerous man.


His name is Sean Rose, an Australian ecoterrorist specializing in explosives and credited as the proponent of more attacks in different areas of the planet. On the recommendation of Director Erich Soders, the agency was commissioned to enter the rural complex and definitively put Rose and the other key members of the organization out of court.

Murder in the barn

There is something for all tastes, from the analyst Penelope Graves, previously in force at Interpol for issues of terrorism, to the dangerous and unstable Ezra Berg, former Mossad agent and expert in reagent-based interrogators chemicals, without forgetting the paranoid weapon dealer Maya Parvati.


Before closing her communications Diana observes that Soders’ decision seems to be sudden and not very lucid, but ultimately the final objective remains clear: to identify at any cost the origin of the shadow client, to whom Rose seems to be tied to double wire. Compared to previous appointments the new map is very immediate and, without many preambles, you must immediately get your hands dirty.


The area is subjected to strict surveillance and almost all the individuals on the map are armed soldiers, which makes it significantly more difficult to move without being noticed. Being an agricultural complex in the hands of a handful of offenders, the layout and structure of the area are completely different from the other environments with which it has been possible to interact so far.


A preponderant part of hitman pc game the playing surface is located outdoors, including agricultural machinery, apricot trees and military field equipment, while the operational buildings are located in the northern part. On one side the large barn, flanked by a workshop and some warehouses, on the other the manor house, consisting of two floors and the basement.


While offering a very special visual and logistic context, the map of this fifth episode soon becomes much more linear and simple to memorize than in previous places, especially if we think of the destinations of Sapienza and Marrakech.

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