Toukiden 2

It will come to our warrior to be right on the battlefield and to destroy the dominion of the forces of evil: our demo slayer will then come to the field starting from the village of Mahoroba, the game hub, which represents the first real change of the new title Koei Tecmo.


Let’s start by saying this, that is, that gameplay clearly has some very important novelties that completely undo the linear areas that were proposed in the first chapter: now the whole world is an open world so that you can move freely and tackle more airborne missions, except for the tutorial we’ve dealt with at the beginning, set in a L location, and some game sessions


that recall some situations of Kiwami . Our warrior also has a new feature introduced shortly after the encounter with the maestro at Mahoroba: this is Demon Hand, which adds secondary characteristics to the entire experience. During the fight, in fact, especially against the hardest and most powerful physically monsters, you will have the ability to grab your op


ponent with a blue-eyed demonic hand, and approach the monster to reduce distances and keep you at full throttle sword. However, in Toukiden 2,At least in the session we’ve tested, there are no shots from the distance, which forces us to keep an exasperated proximity with our target. During our test, Demon Hand proved to be useful in destroying any obstacles on the ground, as well as t


o stun some opponents by striking them without having to cling to them. Samurai Warriors 4? As soon as we started our test, we were faced with the possibility of personalizing our character: despite the customization effort, Omega Force has squeezed the eye to Samurai Warriors 4 , because the warrior who is about to emerge is virtually identical to a character of Empires

Toukiden 2

: We understand very well that the developer is always the same, but a bit of freshness in assets would not spoil. However, you will have a good deal of detail to choose from, reaching up to 73 hair cuts to choose for male and female characters, making your warrior look as well as you think. Likewise, personalization is also strong in weapons, with all the styles that are ab


undantly revisited and refined: there will be the classic swords at the Monster Hunter,as well as axes, spears and so on: each of the weapons at your disposal will have several upgrade lines, but we did not manage to deepen it without being pushed so far in the game.


In addition to the Demon Hand that we have just introduced another feature is Eyes of Truth, which allows us to recognize, especially in the opponents much larger than normal ones, what parts of the body can be easily destroyed, so to gamble or otherwise weaken our opponent. So making the strategy, as you can imagine, becomes much deeper and will ge


t you into a much more elaborate analysis world than simple spamming of keys. Finally, it is confirmed the mechanics that allows you to recover objects from the bodies of fallen opponents by sucking energy, with a ‘ very scenic animation that will make you loo


k almost like a demon ready to suck the sacred light from the world. Beyond these novelties, unfortunately, we have not been able to deepen all the related issuesToukiden 2, which in any case presents itself to the public with the same problems that are relevant to the first title and also to the genre to which it belongs, namely to respond to the needs that are inherent to the niches.

On the other hand, the title Koei Tecmo is very slow and heavy to handle, with too few attacks and a pattern of very elemental moves: also with very little on-screen information, including our opponent’s energy and the amount of inflicted strokes , it is also saturated th


e RPG aspect that one can ask for such a title. However, in the technical aspect, the detail of the textures did not seem to be very high, as did the enrichment of environments, which are open-world, very skinny and empty. Of course, we continue to emphasize,Toukiden 2 on all Sony consoles currently on the market.