The DualShock 5 prototype was again lit in the photo – now the new PlayStation 5 gamepad can be seen in close-up

A few more photos of the working devkit appeared on the network Playstation 5 from one of the developers. On fresh images, we see the same device in a V-shaped case, corresponding to the patent Sony and previous merged photographs, however new photographs are notable for demonstrating a prototype Dualshock 5 close-up.

In the pictures, the changed shape of the touchpad is clearly visible, however, the branded round PlayStation button, which was absent in the recently published schematic images of the controller, has not gone anywhere. Probably the reason for all the different versions of the prototypes. In the November patent, the gamepad, for example, did not have a lightbar, but there was a PS button, but already at the end of December Sony registered a new document where the controller was presented without a PlayStation button, but with a light bar and four additional keys on the back panel.

The final specifications and appearance of DualShock 5 have not yet been disclosed, but it is already known that the controller will offer an advanced vibration system, adaptive triggers, an increased capacity battery, better speakers and other improvements.

According to the last rumors, DualShock 5 will be presented in the first quarter of this year, and pre-orders for it will open in March.

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