Jim Ryan: Key Features of the PlayStation 5 Not Yet Presented

After his speech at a press conference Sony within CES 2023 president and chief executive officer Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan gave a short interview to the publication Business Insider Japan, where he briefly talked about the recently announced PlayStation 5 logo and hinted at upcoming news about the console’s functionality.

Read most of Ryan’s conversation with reporters below.

About the similarity of the logos of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Jim Ryan believes that it is important for the company to maintain continuity within the brand.

“Everyone who sees the logo should immediately understand that there is a PlayStation in front of him,” says the head. “In the world of more than 100 million owners of PlayStation 4, this is already a community. We must support their passion. ”

About the transition from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5

Ryan is confident that at the time of the transition from the current generation to a new set of owners, the PlayStation 4 will remain adherents of its console. The company is not going to drop the existing fan base, but intends to attract it to the PlayStation 5.

“We have certain obligations to these users. At the same time, we need to draw attention to the PlayStation 5. This year will be difficult, especially when compared with the previous ones, when new consoles were launched. ”

About the unique features of the PlayStation 5

Jim Ryan briefly recalled the leading functions of the new console, recalling that from generation to generation, the processor and graphic component have been improving in it.

“This is all wonderful, of course, but we also need innovation,” says the manager. “We have already confirmed the use of a solid state drive in the console to reduce boot time.”

3D sound and tactile feedback support in the controller is another way to surprise the player.

“Even when you just drive in Gran Turismo Sport, but at the same time use the PlayStation 5 controller, you get a completely different feeling,” says the head. “Despite the fact that the game works perfectly with the previous controller, you will not be able to return to it after a detailed study of the road surface using the updated vibration system and the use of adaptive triggers.”

“However,” Ryan continues. “The PlayStation 5 will have even more unique elements that distinguish it from the current generation consoles.”

These “key differences” have not yet been announced.

About the release window in Japan

Ryan did not disclose the release date of the PlayStation 5 on the market, but commented on the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, which was carried out with a three-month delay.

“I took a deep part in resolving this issue. We had a reasonable basis for this, but now I do not think that it was a good idea. This decision was made after much debate, but there may have been other options. ”

The release of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled for the end of 2023. The exact release date and price of the console have not yet been announced.

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