Almost ten years and do not hear them!

Sometimes they come back. And they do it with a lot of style. Twenty days ago with a rehearsal of the entire campaign of the remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare we had already highlighted a work that went well beyond the simple porting of the game on current consoles.


Although the operation seemed more like a subtle technique to keep close fans of the past, the care taken in the graphic update of the title was more than adequate.


 Now, with the release of the complete package, the addition of the multiplayer component test and, willy-nilly, that Infinite Warfare that should represent the new iteration, we are ready to pull the strings of this last job at Activision.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare returns with a restored version that almost makes a miracle cry out!


It would be useless to go back to talking about what is the narrative arc of Modern Warfare. In light of the past years and the test of a few weeks ago, what is important is to contextualize the title. In a panorama in which the first person shooters fight on board mech ,


with exoskeletons that give double jumps and runs on the walls or on the contrary you return to live them in the trenches of the First World War , Modern Warfare stops nowadays.

Almost ten years and do not hear them!

The intention is to give us the most vivid and spectacular reproduction of the war operations of which, unfortunately, in recent years we have increasingly heard of. Where our imagination does not arrive, it is therefore Infinity Ward who gives us a point of view, clearly fictional, of the brutality and fascination that causes war in all of us.


The campaign unravels along twenty missions and is divided into deeds. The variety of settings and situations that we will find in front of us, undoubtedly makes it one of the most deserving in the panorama of first-person shooters. It is no coincidence that, even today after a decade,


Modern Warfare is considered a pillar of this kind, and the campaign is an integral part of this attractiveness.Despite a heavy script of the events and a series of situations that focus more on the cinematic spectacle than on the experience purely linked to the gameplay, one can not fail to be enchanted by the incredible stage ability of the story that we are called to live.


Infinity Ward was able to mark a firm, indelible and lasting point in the history of the genre. To relive it after all these years is not only a pleasure, but also a way, both for beginners and for the old guard, to fully understand the contribution made in the distant 2007.


Being a complete game, even the multiplayer of Modern Warfare undergoes a complete restyling, without any precautions if not someone purely technical, then proposing the original experience that has distinguished one of the most appreciated Call of Duty in history. After spending several hours on Infinite Warfare, characterized by fast and frenetic gameplay, returning to a multiplayer of a ten year old game is undoubtedly curious.


You immediately notice so many different concepts and how many things have changed in conceiving a competitive multiplayer mode.