Former SCEE president: Sony’s “kill Microsoft” strategy hasn’t changed since day one and is likely to continue with PlayStation 5

At the moment, we can only guess about politics Sony in a relationship Playstation 5. Today, a new chapter on business operations has appeared in the gaming division of the company, so it is doubly interesting to consider the words of the former president Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Chris Deering about the company’s past strategy.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Deering outlined his work. In particular, he told how Sony deals with the PlayStation brand “behind the scenes”. The voluminous article is mainly devoted to PS2 and why the console achieved unbridled success, but Deering, who played a big role in strengthening the brand, mentioned the upcoming PS5 in it.

According to a former executive, Sony has been following Microsoft’s policies since PS2 since the time the U.S. company launched its very first rival, the original Xbox.

“We fought fiercely with Microsoft from day one – we were ruthless. I no longer share this mentality, but at that time it was a battle not for life, but for death. We even had a corresponding facial expression at business meetings, saying: “Kill them right now and do not take a single prisoner.”

“It worked,” Deering continues to tell. “At least as a PS2 promotion, it continued to work during the PS3 era with PS4, and probably will continue to work on the PS5, since we devoted all our efforts to developing and promoting the concept of“ all the power of the PlayStation in games ”at that stage, when they were getting ready to take a hit from Microsoft. ”

Deering’s phrase “PlayStation is games” is especially interesting, since we certainly are not hearing it for the first time. Many Sony executives have said software is key to brand success. And, as we all know, exclusives released by Sony for the PS4 played an important role in the company’s victory in this generation.

PlayStation 5 is scheduled for release at the end of this year.

Formerly President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan said that the key features of the console are not yet presented.

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