The controller feels like a premium device – an insider talked about DualShock 5 for the PlayStation 5 console

Yesterday online have appeared clear prototype photos Dualshock 5that the cleaner did by wiping the dust from the devkita Playstation 5. They depict a close-up of the controller, the version of which repeats the schematic drawing from the patent Sony Interactive Entertainment.

With the advent of photos, fans rushed to actively discuss what they saw on social networks. One of the most famous industry insiders under the pseudonym Tidux did not stand aside. On Twitter, he described in detail the DualShock 5 prototype, noting that the updated device feels like a premium controller.

DualShock 5:

  • The overall grip has undergone major changes, making the controller feel like a premium device;
  • The touch panel underwent a major overhaul and began to more accurately recognize clicks;
  • Lightbar (LED) at the top of the device is missing;
  • Triggers feel great;
  • The DS5 has a built-in microphone;
  • USB-C connection possible;
  • Increased battery life;
  • The updated vibration function is great;
  • No built-in OLED screen;
  • There are no “back” buttons;
  • The device is compatible with PS4.

In addition, Tidux said that the built-in microphone is also used for the AI ​​assistant, and DualShock 4 compatible with PS5.

PlayStation 5, and with it DualShock 5, will be released in late 2023.

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