Ghost Recon Wildlands

The setting is again that of Bolivia, but the events take place after the conclusion of the original campaign: the fearsome El Sueno and his organization have been defeated, but as often happens the elimination of a regime leads to the birth of a new dictatorship .


And so the Unidad forces have in fact delivered the Bolivian territories to a group called “Los Extranjeros”, if possible even more ruthless and cruel than the Santa Blanca. Its members have taken control of the cities,


enslaved many of their inhabitants and imposed their will with unspeakable violence, even coming to discover the location of CIA agents in the country. The Ghost team must therefore return to the spot and try again with the progression that characterized the campaign of the basic game, completing a series of missions to eliminate three lieutenants and finally arrive at their relentless commander, Colonel Juan Ignacio Merlo.


Although not disdained the intention to change the cards on the table with Narco Road, net of missions not always well done and an approach that perhaps took too far away from the typical mechanisms of Ghost Recon Wildlands, it appears clear from the first minutes as Fallen Ghosts hit the mark, giving Ubisoft fans a solid and coherent package, as well as a rather challenging one.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts, the last ghosts

You can try your hand at the new story even if you have not completed the original campaign, as a special profile is created and you start already at level 30, with all the skills enhanced to the maximum and a new tree introduced specifically for expansion, with level cap brought to 35.


Using the experience points earned on the field will in this case be possible to improve the capabilities of the drone, which will become able to attack directly the enemies or at least stun them, unlock the explosive dart for the unprecedented crossbow (a silent instrument but also wanting disruptive)


and finally further improve the capabilities of the Ghosts. All things that we will need and all, given the degree of challenge that should not be underestimated the missions of this DLC: greeted with the sound of anti-aircraft during our return helicopter in Bolivia, we will first release a CIA agent held prisoner by Los Extranjeros and then coordinate with him the various operations, which also include main and secondary events this time.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts, the last ghosts


There are seven Trophies included in Fallen Ghosts and it is not very difficult to get them, since you need to eliminate the various types of enemies that make up the ranks of Los Extranjeros, kill ten soldiers camouflaged with the knife, complete all missions and so on.


In Fallen Ghosts we will often find ourselves facing very complicated situations, in which you have to clean up an area invaded by enemies or resist for a certain period of time, while waves of hostile soldiers try to kill us. It is possible to use the synchronized shot to clear the zones from the distance according to the strategic approach, but a bit too simplistic, that characterized the base game campaign; counting, however, on a fully enhanced drone and therefore endowed


with an infinite autonomy and a wide range of action. But when there is barricade and resistance, this technique can not be implemented and you find yourself trying the missions over and over, perhaps scattering the map of mines and hoping that the civilians do not trigger them passing by and ruining our Carthusian planning work.