Players asked, THQ Nordic heard – a remake of Gothic will be launched into full production for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC

In December, the company Thq nordic released in Steam prototype of a possible remake of the very first role-playing game Gothic. The task was to collect feedback and decide how much such a game can be of interest to the public today. As a result, the majority of those who played the prototype expressed a desire to see a full-fledged remake of the game, so THQ Nordic gives it a green light.

According to a press release that appeared today, a new team will be responsible for the development of the Gothic remake, which will be formed in Spain, in Barcelona. The project will appear on new generation consoles and PCs. The company can not yet name the exact launch dates, but in 2023, you definitely should not expect anything.

To date, over 180,000 people have uploaded an early prototype to Steam. 94.8% of the users who left reviews asked THQ Nordic to release a remake of the game. Gamers also shared their opinions about what was done poorly in the prototype and what’s good – what needs to be processed and what should be left. The publisher has data based on surveys of 43,000 people. Another 9,000 users wrote reviews on Steam.

Many, in particular, asked the authors to make the world of the game darker and darker – to get away from the “colorfulness” of the prototype.

“We set ourselves the task of developing a full-fledged remake of” Gothic “, to qualitatively recreate the atmospheric world and modernize certain mechanics,” the report said.

The original “Gothic” was released on PC in 2001.

No further details were disclosed.

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