Disgaea 5 Complete

In the shoes of Killia
Speaking of a “simple” porting and not of a remake, as always in these cases we would like to retrieve the original review (dated October 2015) to have an effective overview of the game, while here we will only emphasize the additions and the ” adaptability to the portable product context, since this is what differentiates Switch most from the competition.
At the narrative level, however, nothing has changed: the absurd (but well maintained) mixture of non-sense comic and even strong themes as revenge thunder returns unchanged with respect to the first release, and at the heart of the vicissitudes there are still Killia, the prince of one of the Netherworlds, and his desire to compete against Void Dark, the lord of one of the other demoniac kingdoms that has a good expansion on the whole kingdom of the dead.
As often happened with this franchise, which in this case also tries to take a bit more seriously than the past, are the varied cast of co-stars and their buzzing interactions to hold the cabin, brilliantly interfering with the fights and tearing more a smile to the veterans of the saga.
The excellent character characterization of the main characters, backed by a very good dubbing, gives the thickness of the speckles we are going to battle, though, especially in the second half of the longest mainstream campaign, the slowness of the story and the verbosity of the characters could tire .
Certainly, especially if you have fifteen minutes of metro, you will be skipping a good number of dialogues, but in doing so, you will miss tasty jumps and typically Japanese sketches, which have always been the second reason to buy a series title Disgaea(after the combat system, it is understood).
Playing simultaneously with Fire Emblem Echoes for review of both titles we have further highlighted the differences in style and tone between the NIS brand and more serious titles, and, beyond personal preference, we believe there is room for both approaches in the current SRPG market.
Disgaea 5 Complete
Eye to DLC
In the face of an unchanged gameplay compared to the PS4 version (we’re talking about a porting, remember it, not a remake), this version for Switch includes eight additional scenarios, released as paid content after launch on the Sony machine, and a tide of small DLCs that followed in the weeks following the launch, as if there were still need for additional content.
All eight scenarios revolve around the old characters of the series, in a fan of fan service that, inevitably, makes it possible to include in their team the faces of the likes of Valvatorez, Almaz, Desco, Fuka, Adelle, just to name a few: if, on the one hand, this makes the roster a real all-star selection of the entire franchise, on the other hand, greatly affects the already fragile balance of the game we had already complained about at the time of the original release.
Moreover, in addition to these characters, the weapons and skills they bring in dowry, the player will be given substantial sums of money already during the early stages of the adventure, making the first few hours a health walk and, above all, irreparably alter the curve of the difficulty.
The advice, therefore, is to use the bonuses only in case of difficulty, or in a second alternative run, so as not to overestimate the level of challenge.
Speaking to the DLC delegate in the central hub, then you can have access to three additional classes (kunoichi, celestial hostess and sorceror), added to the quarantine included in the base title, to form one of the most impressive and complete from the point of view of personalizing their party and the variety of choice for job systems.