Sony does not plan to return to E3 – review

Portal Video Games Chronicle referring to its own sources reports that Sony She does not plan to return to E3 this year, preferring to conduct her events.

According to the publication, the Japanese corporation is not currently working on a program for E3 2023, while competitors from Microsoft with might and main preparing for a performance in Los Angeles.

Very skeptical about the return of the PlayStation to E3 was expressed by a very controversial analyst Michael Pakter, whose sources also said that Sony did not intend to come to E3 2023, although he himself considers this a big mistake, because it contradicts the brand’s focus on consumers.

Apparently, the situation may still change, since Sony has not made a final decision, and the company managing E3 ESA recently appointed The Game Awards organizer Jeff Keely to reinvent the format of the event and return shareholders.

The presentation of the PlayStation 5 is expected in the next few months: many insiders expect this to happen in February, as was the case with the PS4 in 2013.