Developers: PlayStation 5’s ray tracing technology will help artists create images that are similar to CGI movies.

Lighting Designer in IO Interactive Stefania Hernandez stated that ray tracing technology in Playstation 5 help create a more detailed 3D environment using neat light, reflections, and shadows.

In conversation with GamesRadar Hernandez explained the difference between current and next generation technologies in terms of realism:

“With current generation technology, many in-game reflections are created using“ reflection spheres ”that are not very accurate. When we place the light source in the scene, we add additional “light reflections” to make it believable. New ray tracing technology produces accurate light, reflections and shadows, highlighting many details in three-dimensional environments. This makes the overall picture more realistic.

Lighting plays a big role in getting the feel of the game and adjusts to a certain mood. I believe this can help the player get a more immersive gaming experience. “I believe that we are approaching the moment when it will become possible to get a picture very close to that which is currently achieved using pre-rendered (pre-rendered) scenes.”

Thought Hernandez was picked up by 3D artist from Ubisoft Toronto Marco Barrettar. According to him, if ray tracing is used properly, we will get “more photographic lighting, which consumers are used to seeing in VFX-frames of films or animated videos.”

Ray tracing in Gran Turismo Sport (at around 7:20):

Hernandez stressed that developers enthusiastically work on the next-generation hardwareincluding because the advanced technology allows them to carry out “more comprehensive lighting settings.”

PlayStation 5 will go on sale in late 2023.

Counterplay Games developers previously revealed how Godfall, the first game for Sony’s new console, takes advantage of the PS5.

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