Yakuza Kiwami

A series of Yakuza for the many years of its existence has become a living classic among exclusives for the Playstation , every couple of years, getting on the new game about the adventures of “brave” Japanese invaders. It’s no secret that SEGA are doing everything possible to attract new players to the franchise for which to jump on this train after six numbered parts of the series (and “zero” prequel) may seem controversial idea. 

Actually, that’s why SEGA increasingly raskochegarivayut its campaign titled “yaponschiny expansion to the west and rebirth Yakuza”. So, meet – Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first installment in the franchise, released after the Yakuza 0 (Coincidence?) First in Japan in early 2016 on PS3 and the PS4, and then get to the West, reliznuvshis on the Playstation 4 August 29, 2017.

Tale eager for power

Yes, in front of us – a real remake of the 2005 game. Remake, which in many modern standards was diligently “finished” and “otremasteren” but somewhere still preserved the original nuances to Yakuza , in order to more closely recreate the same charm of days past Tokyo mafia.

Yakuza_KiwamiThe game’s plot remained largely untouched. Replaceable protagonist to Yakuza – Kiryu Kazuma, “Dragon Dojima” , takes the blame of the murder of “the boss” of the family, in order to protect his best friend, Nishikiyamu Akira , which is the main Dojima and killed, in an attempt to protect Yumi them with Kiryu girlfriend from violence something … bad things – that there would not plotting the patriarch of the clan, stealing girl.

So Nishikiyamu and Yumi are saved, and the Kiryu-san goes “on the bench” – serve a prescribed period of ten years and fend off prisoners, encroaching on the life glavgeroya for the murder of the head of Dojima family.

Coming as of tyuryachki being expelled from the clan, Kazuma understand that the mafia world around it has changed a lot: Akira took the dark path and eager for power, Yumi went missing, the head of the Tojo killed, and from the “treasury” clan lost 10 billion yen . And all this will have to disentangle our valiant Kiryu.

uza_kiwamiWe note at once: the original story does not possess some crazy intricacies, however, to the extent of interest and served huge portions – local cut scenes can be safely cut in the “game-film” ( Ed Sure, someone has already done it… ), but thanks to the spectacular, colorful and sometimes even pretentious Japanese supply of everything, it is perceived easily and relaxed.

In the story, by the way, lies one of the main innovations of a remake – an updated version has been supplemented by a number of cinematics in order to patch up some plot holes and explain the motivation of the characters. However, all these “extension” and “add-on” to the original content sites have become very clear. Get the same ” ubiquitous Madzimu“,

Which is now and strives to challenge the Kiryu and fight with him in the most unexpected places and under the most unusual circumstances: at one point in front of us – a traditional comic character, flaunting another fervent suit, while the other – hamming sociopath, brutally beat her” sixes “. Strange.

Street Magic

Everyone who has ever showered statements about what to Yakuza – this is GTA clone , just give the project t (minus), sufficient amount, gameplay-time-to-tell-about the game … minutes. Local open world, compared with the typical “sandboxes”, is extremely small, even intimate.

And it’s not bad! It’s – different! Game locations Yakuza Kiwamiswarming with scurrying to and fro the NPC, neon signs fill the night streets of the bright colors and local establishments are happy to take bold and straight “reshaly” essentially seeking adventure on the … tattooed back.