Sony is working on restarting Silent Hill and is unhappy with Death Stranding – review

There is more and more information on the network about potential new Silent hill. Fresh information received from the horror portal Riely on horror.

If you believe the information, Konami trusted restart franchise Sony, while she is preparing to release two games at once.

The team has been creating the first for about a year Keiichiro Toyama, designer and screenwriter of the first Silent Hill, also known for Siren and Gravity Rush. In addition, the designer of the original trilogy is involved in the creation Masahiro Ito and iconic franchise composer Akira Yamaoka. For now, they just want to name the game Silent Hill.

The second project is also quite interesting: Sony, according to media reports, tried to reconcile Konami and Hideo Kojima to revive the Silent Hills. True, they want to make the project an interactive film in the style of the Telltale and Supermassive (Until Dawn) games.

However, while negotiations on Silent Hills are still ongoing, and the only game in active production is a restart from Team Silent from Sony Japan Studio.

A similar blogger shared similar information. Dusk golem. In addition, he said that Toyama has long been interested in creating a new horror, but the Siren franchise is too niche to get a big budget from Sony.

Around the same time, Konami began searching for developers for two new Silent Hill, shortly after which negotiations began between Sony and Konami, which resulted in at least a new game in the series from the Toyami team.

At the same time, Death Stranding was a failure – despite the peppy start of sales, the pace quickly decreased. At the same time, about a year and a half before the release, the game began to be redone. Initially, she was much darker and almost horror. There were disagreements between Sony and Kojima, because of which the game came out much earlier and did not advance with the PlayStation 5.

In the end, Sony wanted Kojima after the disastrous Death Stranding to take on the creation of the horror that many were waiting for. At the same time, the Kojima Productions team wants to prove to the players that it is able to make a world hit, and Sony intends to release a game with a more moderate budget.

In short, Konami wants to release a really good Silent Hill. This is what Sony wants.

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