Xuhei Yoshida about PlayStation 5: The developers told us that they had never seen the “iron” easier

In an interview with a Japanese magazine Dengeki playstation Head of Independent Developer Support Initiative Sony Interactive Entertainment Xuhei Yoshida told what these developers think about Playstation 5. In particular they claim that making games for the platform is easier than ever.

Yoshida recalled that the complexity of the platform is becoming an obstacle for developers who are forced to understand the “hardware” instead of focusing on creating games. If it is easy to understand, then the creators will be able to achieve more, spending a lot of time on development.

Sony adhered to the same policy with the release of the PS4, however Yoshida believes the PS5 still has an edge. He really wants to see what the developers will achieve a year after the release of the console.

Recall that the PlayStation 3 has become one of the most difficult developer consoles in the history of Sony, so the next system, PlayStation 4, was created in order to avoid the repetition of this error.

Previously, PlayStation 5 devkit images appeared on the network, and the first game for the system was announced – Godfall from Gearbox software.

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