Sony vice president of product development will join Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame

Non-profit organization Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIIN) announced that in February this year, as part of the DICE Awards, the Hall of Fame will be introduced Connie Booth – Many years vice president of Sony Product Development.

Booth has been with Sony since 1989. In a Japanese company, she performed a number of functions, including producing. In this role, she was able to work closely with Naughty Dog in work on the creation of a platformer. Crash bandicoot. In 1998, she took the position of Director of Product Development, and has since been involved in the release of many major franchises of the Japanese platform holder, including Syphon filter, Jak and daxter, Sly cooper, Ratchet & clank, Infamous, Uncharted, The last of us, Days gone and Spider-man.

Booth is currently working on two of Sony’s most anticipated games this year: Ghost of tushusha from sucker punch and The Last of Us Part 2 from Naughty Dog.

“We are honored to accept Connie as a laureate of our Hall of Fame. For over two decades, she has been the main speaker and supporter of countless PlayStation franchises. In addition, she has been developing new talented employees in the industry. Her tireless work and passion have made an indelible impression on game developers, letting their creative vision flourish, “said AIAS President Meggan Scavio.

Earlier, residents of the Hall of Fame became Bonnie ross (in 2019), Todd Howard, Mark Zerney, Michael Morheim, Tim Sweeney, Hideo Kojimafounders BioWare Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzykachapter Valve Gabe Newell and Rockstar Games Trio of Leaders (Leslie Benzis, Dan and Sam Housers) The first developer to enter the AIIN Hall of Fame was Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo

Presentation of awards DICE Awards will be held February 13 this year at the DICE Summit event, which will open its doors in Las Vegas.

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