Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Episode 2

The fire returns as the narrator’s element, also cited by a mystical appearance of Chloe’s father with a dialogue in a very disturbing context, unpublished for Life is Strange , which I enjoyed a lot. The episode , in general, is perhaps slower than the previous one in terms of rhythm, but narrative situations generate a series of conflicting emotions in speed. There is space for love, anger, melancholy, in a twist of feelings that almost completely nullifies the sense of boredom of the very first moments.

We had left Rachel and Chloetogether, engaged in a day out of school and their problems and, as was foreseeable, the episode resumed coping with the consequences of all this, the highly autochthonous and symbolic fire that the two had set a little by chance, a bit for a challenge. An initial sequence that, according to the notes that the studio has released, may have a myriad of different facets that I honestly did not expect.

Like the storm in Life is Strangewas a story about Max and Chloe’s story, and then become the protagonist in the final stages, here the fire remains a constant throughout the episode, and probably the next one. The fire, already cited enormously in the previous episode, takes on a very important meaning in Rachel’s affair and our non-still-co-star co-star.

The fire that raises, sweeps and devours everything around it is the unclear between Rachel and his family, but also between Rachel and Chloe, who in “The New World” will have a couple of very intimate moments of touch and , as the tradition of the series, never discounted or stucco. The storm is also the name of the theatrical show in which Rachel would have starred and, for a series of events, will also star in Chloe. This is the time when

Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Episode 2 Review

Before the Storm, he takes the trouble to move away from his illustrious predecessor, almost with a statement of intent in terms of narration that represents a staggering net, a more mature story and very different from the overwhelming story of Max.

The storm (atmospheric) , is not the only reference to the original seriesthat Before the Storm offers to the player. In a totally coherent and surprisingly unattractive way, Chloe will find his pickup in a not very exciting sequence to say the truth, during which you will have to go around the icicle dump to find spare parts and accessories to beautify the vehicle. In exploration, too, it is “back” in what will be the lair of Rachel and Chloe, which we see for the first time intoned. In addition to the superficial appeal, there is also the opportunity to begin to understand how Victoria Chase and Nathan Prescott have become the hated (and hated) characters with whom Max will have to deal with.

While the episode has the task of making a buzz and starting to draw the ranks of the narrative, also telling many other more or less side-by-side situations like the economic problems of Mickey and Drew’s family, Rachel and Chloe are confronted with understand what to do with their lives.

A situation that will bring her to discover that they are much more than they imagined, because both have a strong desire to escape to leave behind. In one of these dialogues (and at least in another situation) unfortunately, the famous “choices” are channeled into a track from which it is impossible to move away. An acceptable sin with the nature of the prequel of this story, which however leaves a bit bitter in the mouth considering how much more beautiful there is in this new thematic taleLife is Strange .

Equally impossible to divert elsewhere, given the final situation where the knots finally come to the knife in the Amber family, and “The New World” leaves the player with a frankly unexpected revelation to deepen in the finale of Before the Storm .