Wanking Simulator – a demo version of the onanist simulator was released on Steam, the game already has opponents

In a digital distribution store Steam For loading became available demo of the recently introduced simulator onanista under a simple name Wanking simulator. In the project of the company Ultimate Games S.A. players are encouraged to make a mess in the small town of Gay Bay, while at the same time doing public self-gratification.

Despite the primitive and somewhat fun gameplay, the game of public masturbation caused a controversial reaction among the inhabitants of the network. Among the dissatisfied – a woman named Tony marshreporting the creation of a petition demanding the company Valve Prevent the sale of Wanking Simulator on the Steam Store.

According to Marsh, she was shocked that such a game might exist after a series of GamerGate scandals.

“We know that women working in the gaming industry are extremely humiliated, it really looks like the 1930s again. Their opinions are not taken seriously, and people throw hateful, insulting and sexist remarks on them in order to discourage the desire to go about their business “, Tony Marsh wrote on Reddit.

In his commentary, among other things, Tony Marsh mentions a scene from the trailer, which demonstrates how a player enters a woman’s house and kicks her with a foot, after which she begins to masturbate.

“We have not learned any lesson from everything that happened, and now there’s a video game about how to beat women and masturbate to get points. In the trailer you see a man without pants who enters a random house with a woman attacking her, and then masturbates. How is that even allowed on Steam? “, she writes.

Obviously, not all network users share the discontent of Tony Marsh, which is especially noticeable in her petitions, which at the moment was signed by only two people.

Wanking Simulator does not yet have an exact release date.

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